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Sunday, January 01, 2012

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had great nights and are looking forward to 2012!

I had a pretty interesting December and got even more addicted to Instagram! Here are just some of the photos taken in December!
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1. I got my first ever business cards!
2. I went to the clothes show live with one of my closest friends Beth (who also designs her own clothing range Uffinton which you can catch me modelling on the site!)
3. I tried out some more nail art, in the style of suits!
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4. Here in the North West we saw some snow in December! It was beautiful and lasted only a few days.
5. I rediscovered my winter leggings (yay!) I think they're super cool still... haha I do get a few funny looks wearing them out and about but I love them and they are so warm too!
6. I went for a trip to the trafford centre with my friend Sam christmas shopping, when we had a break we headed straight to costa. Mmmm frosted mint hot chocolates...
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7. In Pizza Express having raspberry lemonade on a shopping trip again to the trafford centre for more christmas shopping (some things just can't be done in one day!)
8. Before wrapping these up for parts of gifts for people for christmas I couldn't help but making a chocolate orange tower! Just think how good this would look on a larger scale!
9. I received a couple of fashion books for christmas. I love this Teen vogue guide and who hasn't got Gok Wans autobiography?!

How was your December? Did you end up going shopping an awful lot too?

UPDATE! I have written a blog post on my other blog FASHION-TRAIN-FIX about Fashion Blogging Tips. It's been requested by a lot of you lately and so I hope you check it out HERE!



Kim said...

I love instagram! Such a cool app.

Those nails are absolutely amazing :)

Happy new year lovely! xx

Paulie Antiques said...

hehe i love the bow tie nails!!! hilarious!!

love, polly :D

Anita said...

Happy New Year! You've got a lovely blog :)

nikkistyle™ said...

Love the blog! Happy New Year ;-)

Buy WoW Accounts said...

You will surely have a great year ahead having those happenings as a starter for this year. Happy New Year!

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Char! said...

The tux nails are so cute, and the leggings, I love them! X

Jadinexo said...

Oh wow I love your nails! x

jennifer said...

Ooh I didn't know util now that you have another blog, very very pleased and am popping over right now :)
Happy new year honey!

Cushh said...

it is very nice fashion and your cellection. thank you for sharing us.

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Dressing Up For Me said...

Happy New Year, Becca! I wouln´t mind wearing those winter leggings they actually look gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

are those uniqlo leggings? they look just like my super warm uniqlo shorts! great post <3

Hope you had a great new year!
XO Sahra

Temporary:Secretary said...

I am so pleased that your blog is going from strength to strength. I have enjoyed reading your blog in 2011, and I know you always take time to reply to your comments. It's really lovely and more bloggers should be the same. I wish I was as dedicated and talented as you when I was 17. We are 10 years apart in our age (I am 28 next month) but i feel you are much more courageous than I am with my problems, i still feel terrible because they're not "real" problems. Wishing you all the best for 2012 and hope it is the best one yet! Lots of love xxx

GabriellaSofia said...

Ahhh I have the Teen Vogue Handbook too! It's such a good resource and fantastic for gaining so inspiration from people just like us :)
Great blog

Fashion Diary said...

I LOVE your Christmas print leggings, they're so cute! Also super-jealous of your hot chocolate, it looks divine!
I have been reading Fashion-Train in 2011 and have majorly enjoyed it, just got the confidence to start my own blog! I only set it up today, so it's a little messy :3

Love Ellie x

Unknown said...

Aaaaaah, the nail polish!!:) So cute! xx

Giuditta said...

Those nails are super-cute!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection
LOVE the your site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
your collection is really great

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