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Black Friday Beauty Bay Wishlist

Thursday, November 23, 2023

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Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set - £20.70 (was £28)
Rich 42 Colour Palette - £12.50 (was £25)
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - £16.10 (was £19)
Mini Nudies Best Sellers Kit - £38.45 (was £55)
Coco & Eve Hair Rejuve Kit - £34.40 (was £43)
MAC Stacked up Mascara Duo - £22.50 (was £30)

One thing for sure is that there are so many offers online at the moment and it's hard to distinguish what is a bargain, what's a good deal and what just really isn't worth it. I thought I would look at the Beauty Bay site as they have so many deals and I picked out some of my favourite deals at the moment online.

Anastasia Beverly Hills do some incredible eyeshadow palettes and the Fall Romance and Primrose palettes are stunning! The Fall Romance eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating some stunning glittery looks over the festive period. 

Probably one of the most popular brands online right now beauty wise is Sol De Janeiro and so if it's a brand you want to try I would definitely think about making a purchase over the weekend to save a few £! I have a couple of the fragrance mists and they are literally like a holiday in a bottle!

There were some steals to be had when it comes to MAC cosmetics and the lashes-to-lips kit included a Mini MAC stack mascara, full-size lipstick in relentlessly red and a full-size prep and prime lip primer for only £20!

If you are looking for a steal this Black Friday then definitely look at Beauty Bay! 

Becca x
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FARM Rio Rompers + Jumpsuits

Thursday, November 09, 2023

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Rompers and jumpsuits will never go out of style and FARM Rio’s offer some of the best options to select!

Main image courtesy of Lyst.

Rompers and jumpsuits are a staple in the fashion industry and they are so popular because it’s an easy outfit to throw together when you’re in a rush and want to look good. No matter the special occasion you’re wearing it to, rompers and jumpsuits can be very casual, or dressed up to look sophisticated for fancy dinners, graduations, date nights, or even nights out with the girls.

FARM Rio is a popular high-end fashion brand that is known for their unique patterns inspired by the nature and cultures of Brazil. Rompers and jumpsuits are among their speciality and there are many to choose from to accommodate particular seasons, and with patterns you’ll fall in love with.

Consider some of the most popular rompers and jumpsuits created by FARM Rio for a stand-out look!

The Essential Information to Know About FARM Rio

FARM Rio is a popular high-end fashion brand, but there may be some last-second questions you need to know!

FARM Rio is a popular high fashion brand based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who  are known for their unique and nature-inspired patterns. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Getting familiar with the high-end fashion brands in the industry can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to learning how unique each one is. FARM Rio is among the most different and fun because of their exotic patterns.

Who Owns FARM Rio?

FARM Rio is a popular brand that was founded and is currently owned by K├ítia Barros and Marcello Bastos. It is one of the many brands under Brazil’s largest retail group, Grupo Soma, which got its start in 2010. 

The brand was first founded in 1997 by Barros and Bastos who started selling many different styles of clothing in their iconic patterns, which took off in popularity instantly. Currently, Barros is the creative director of the brand as a whole and Bastos continues to operate the Brazil operations of FARM Rio. 

Where to Buy FARM Rio From

There are a few different options when it comes to figuring out where to purchase FARM Rio from. Whether you are someone who enjoys trying on your clothes in person, or you’re more of an online shopper, there are a few different choices no matter what you’re more comfortable with.

Check out some of the in-person physical stores to purchase FARM Rio from:

  • FARM Rio

  • Nordstrom

  • Nordstrom Rack

  • Anthropologie

  • Bloomingdale’s

  • Neiman Marcus

  • Saks Fifth Avenue

Consider some of the popular online retailers to purchase FARM Rio merchandise from:

  • FARM Rio

  • Shopbop

  • Poshmark

  • Lyst

  • Net-a-Porter

  • Amazon

FARM Rio Rompers and Jumpsuits 

Choosing between a romper and a jumpsuit will be the hardest decision you’ll make with FARM Rio!

FARM Rio offers everything from rompers and jumpsuits depending on the time of year and what you need in your closet. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

There are a few options to choose when it comes to selecting a romper or jumpsuit through FARM Rio. Depending on the season and the reason you need a romper or a jumpsuit, make sure to consider the options that FARM Rio offers with their unique patterns incorporated into every piece.  

Lilac Floral Monkey Short Sleeve Romper

FARM Rio’s rompers are very comfortable and popular due to the material they are made out of and the fun patterns on them. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

If you’re looking for an adorable romper to wear during those spring and summer days when the weather is warm, then FARM Rio’s Lilac Floral Monkey Short Sleeve Romper is a great selection. Featuring a pale lilac color and a fun and subtle monkey pattern, this romper is 100% cotton with a belted waistline which can be adjusted to your liking.

Rose Wild Horses Pleated Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit by FARM Rio is extremely comfortable and also includes a bright, bold pattern to catch the attention of people walking by. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

There is nothing more empowering than finding the perfect jumpsuit and FARM Rio offers some of the best ones, notably the Rose Wild Horses Pleated Short Sleeve Jumpsuit. Featuring some of the most beautiful wild horses on a singular pattern, this jumpsuit features a wide leg fit, elastic cuffs on the short sleeves, a belted waistband, and even a deep v-neckline to give some spice to it. 

Off-White Macaw Bloom Organic Cotton Romper

A spring romper from FARM Rio can make the season that much better, and even prepare you for the upcoming summer months. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Pastel-colored rompers are among some of the most popular trends going right now because they are perfect for the  warm months. FARM Rio’s Off-White Macaw Bloom Organic Cotton Romper is a great choice because of its soft pastel color-scheme and pattern with macaws, flowers, and leaves on it. It is also 100% cotton, includes a deep v-neck, as well as a belt with a beaded buckle. 

Embroidered Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

A fully embroidered jumpsuit such as one from FARM Rio can be great for embracing the cold seasons of fall and winter. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Something that many people may not have thought about for a jumpsuit is to create one that is fully embroidered and crafted into a beautiful pattern and color-scheme. FARM Rio’s Embroidered Long Sleeve Jumpsuit is both warm and comfortable for the colder seasons and is made out of 100% cotton. Featuring a beautiful pattern full of golds, purples, and black, this jumpsuit is ideal with its sleeve cuffs and collar. 

Red Jungle Scarf Romper

Rompers with short sleeves are great to wear whenever the weather gets hotter and they come in many colours and patterns. Image courtesy of FARM Rio.

Sometimes a romper that has thick straps instead of full sleeves is crucial for the warmer spring and summer months. FARM Rio’s Red Jungle Scarf Romper is a great option for the warm months because of the red and pink jungle-themed pattern on it. It includes a square neckline, a detachable belt, and a smocked back bodice to give you shape and comfortability all day long. 

Off-White Graphic Leaves Jumpsuit

A free-flowing jumpsuit by FARM Rio can help to give you a sense of confidence and empowerment. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Jumpsuits that include a strapless, or near strapless look with a wide leg are in and trending, which is why FARM Rio’s Off-White Graphic Leaves Jumpsuit is a great option for many. This black and white patterned jumpsuit is not too bold with the pattern, but it is still fashion-forward with a fun one-strapped look, which makes it great to wear even in the summertime. 

FARM Rio on Sale: Your Best Options to Choose

Shopping for FARM Rio on a budget can be difficult, but with an inside look into your options, it can be easier than you thought!

FARM Rio is a high-end fashion brand offering rompers, jumpsuits, matching sets of tops and bottoms, and even shoes at an expensive price. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Since FARM Rio is a high-end fashion brand, it is obvious that their merchandise costs more than many people can afford. It’s important to consider your options to shop for FARM Rio on sale and even utilize discount codes when they are available.


One of the best options to consider when looking into high-end fashion brands at a discount is through Shopbop. This is an online retailer known for featuring a ton of fashion brands, and they sell their older collections at a discount. Potential customers can purchase everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, and even handbags.

Discount Codes on FARM Rio Website

Another option that many people can consider is going straight to FARM Rio’s website where customers can take a look at their sale section and get up to 50% off of many different types of clothing ranging from dresses, skirts, cropped tees, pants, and even shoes. 

If you are a first-time customer of FARM Rio’s, they even offer some exclusive discount codes to take advantage of. For your very first purchase through FARM Rio, they offer a 15% off discount when you use the code HELLO15!

With many options to choose from when it comes to rompers and jumpsuits, FARM Rio will help to give you confidence and boldness through their unique and brightly coloured patterns. Make sure to check out some of the best rompers and jumpsuits to get through FARM Rio today!

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Prague Travel Guide : What to do & Where to eat

Friday, October 20, 2023

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If there is one thing I love to do with my annual leave from my day job, it’s to go abroad. Some of my favourite memories are from when I’ve been abroad and when my partner Ben said we were going to Prague for a few days I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

Prague has been on my list of places I’d like to visit and *spoiler alert* it didn’t disappoint!

One thing that really surprised me about Prague is how easy it is to get around. From the airport it was very easy to get the metro (and cheap must I add!) to the city centre. Once we arrived in the city centre and had a quick wander around it was time for some food and as it was nearly lunchtime, we looked for local places to where we were at that point in the city and stumbled across a (sort of) hidden gem.

Jewel by Venue - Cafe / Bistro 

I ordered the Venue Spritz which is a very refreshing cocktail (just like an elderflower spritz) and I have to say the food menu was literally to die for. There was so much to choose from so it was very hard to pick. I went for the Chicken & Waffles, which was fried boneless chicken thighs and homemade waffles served with cheddar sauce, chilli-maple syrup, and crispy bacon and it was absolutely delicious. 

Pizza & Pasta Factory

After spending a few hours exploring the city to get our bearings and taking a quick nap once our Air BNB was available, we were hungry again. We decided to try some Italian food and stumbled upon the Pizza and Pasta Factory. The pizza was possibly the best I've had in a long time and the meal was reasonably priced. Even though we had two glasses of white wine each, the total cost was just under £40.

Bubblepoint View Rooftop Bar 

After dinner, it was time for a cocktail and after a little bit of research, we found Bubblepoint Rooftop bar which you can find on top of the U Prince Hotel. The views from the rooftop bar were incredible and the cocktails were very reasonably priced at around £7 a drink. 

During our stay in an AirBnB, we had to go out for breakfast and lunch. We stumbled upon a hidden gem of a restaurant called Narodni 38 which offered some really nice breakfast options. The cafe was beautiful and I opted for eggs Benedict which came with a twist - truffle hollandaise and parma ham. Ben, on the other hand, went for breakfast tacos. The food was really filling and reasonably priced.

If you fancy doing some sightseeing, I would recommend visiting the Petrin Tower. The Petrin Tower was built in 1891 and is 63.5 metres high. It resembles the Eiffel Tower and was used as an observation tower as well as a transmission tower. 

If you want to go up be warned there are a lot of steps! 

Have you visited Prague?

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How to Style an ASTR The Label Blazer: Your New Fall Staple!

Monday, September 18, 2023

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Want to know more about where you can snag an ASTR the Label Blazer? Keep reading because we dish all the info and more!

Main image courtesy of ASTR the Label

One of the most popular designer brands that offer feminine and romantic styles for the modern woman is ASTR the Label. Since 2012, this brand has brought designer looks to women of all walks of life, whether they’re looking for the perfect flowy dress, a crop top for summer, leather pants, or even a plaid blazer. You’ll find exactly the kind of attainable style you’ve come to expect from the creative forces behind this brand. 

With looks perfect for date night, brunches, weddings, and garden parties, ASTR the Label is sure to have exactly what your closet needs. If you’re excited for the cooler fall weather that’s on the way, then you’ll definitely want to hear more about the iconic ASTR the Label blazers. Keep reading because we’re going to cover:

  • Where you can pick up ASTR the Label

  • How ASTR the Label fits

  • The top ASTR the Label blazers perfect for fall

Where can you buy ASTR the Label?

You have choices when it comes to snagging some ASTR the Label clothing

When you’re looking to amp up the style factor of your wardrobe, whether it’s fall or any other season, you can’t go wrong checking out the latest collection from ASTR the Label. On their site you’ll find dresses (mini, midi, and maxi), blouses, bodysuits, tanks, short sleeve tops, pants, skirts, and shorts. Don’t forget to check out their sale section where you’ll find all kinds of great items at deep discounts. 

Another great place to check out all kinds of ASTR the Label designs is Shopbop. Whether you’re searching high and low for that perfect dress to wear out to brunch, or you want to check out what kinds of chunky sweaters they have, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. 

Additionally, ASTR the Label has brick and mortar stores in both Los Angeles and New York City. However, if you’re not in these cities and still want to try on some of their designs in person, you’re in luck. Just head over to your local Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom and see what ASTR the Label items they have available. You can also find this brand’s products on each of these department store’s sites. Make sure you keep an eye out for sales because ASTR the Label clothing may be included in it!

You can also find ASTR the Label clothing at other online retailers such as Revolve, Stitch Fix, and Belk. And if you don’t mind gently worn ASTR the Label items, make sure you check the racks of consignment on Poshmark or ThredUP!

ASTR the Label size chart

How should ASTR the Label fit?

You can expect your ASTR the Label to fit true to size. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

 If you don’t have any ASTR the Label clothing yet, you’re probably wondering how it fits. Some brands seem to fit smaller than usual, others larger. You can rest assured that according to customers, ASTR the Label fits true to size. However, to be certain you are going to get the right size for your body, it’s important to first measure yourself with measuring tape. This will help determine where you fall between XS to XL. Check out ASTR the Label’s size chart to help you decide which size is best for you.

Also, if the specific article of clothing you’re interested in has any reviews, make sure to read those to get a better feel for how the garment actually fits. If there aren’t any reviews, try Googling the product, and see if any other online sites have reviews. While ASTR the Label does fit true to size, it’s always helpful to gather as much information as you can about the product before you purchase. That way you’re completely sure of the fit and can feel confident ordering your size. 

ASTR the Label blazers perfect for fall

These blazers should find a home in your closet this fall!

Blazers are some of the hottest items when it comes to sprucing up your fall look. They have an effortlessly preppy style to them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up for special occasions! Whether you want a little something extra to wear into the office that pulls your look together, you want a classic collegiate style, or you want to have an easy way to look polished no matter what the occasion, a blazer is always a solid choice. 

The plaid ASTR the Label blazer is perfect for fall. Image courtesy of ASTR the Label

If you want the timeless look of the plaid blazer this fall, then you’re going to want to pick up the Pauline Plaid Oversized Blazer. You definitely don’t have to be a professor to rock this blazer, but those are exactly the preppy vibes you get with this brown purple multi print. The neutral colours are perfect for fall, and would pair wonderfully with slacks or your favourite pair of jeans and boots. If it’s still warm in autumn, this would also be a nice outer layer to wear with a scarf if you’re wearing shorts or a midi skirt. 

The front flap pockets are sure to store everything you need easy access to, and you’ll love the details like the double breasted front button closure and buttoned cuffs. Whether you’re on campus, in the office, or meeting friends for lunch.

Look polished for that presentation in this sleek blazer. Image courtesy of ASTR the Label.

Another ASTR the Label blazer that’s perfect for the fall weather is the Milani Oversized Blazer. This coat comes in two colors, mushroom or taupe and is perfect when you want to give your professional outfits a more polished look. The neutral colors ensure that you can mix and match it with almost anything in your wardrobe, whether that’s a skirt, pants, or even a pair of jeans. The rich colors and oversized fit also make this your go-to blazer for casual occasions, when you need an extra layer on top, or you want to make a stylish statement.

With a double breasted front button closure, you can easily wear this blazer open or closed depending on the look you’re going for. The button cuffs are a nice touch, as are the front flap pockets. Pair with a scarf and boots and you have a classic fall outfit.


A cropped plaid jacket would be perfect this fall! Image courtesy of ASTR the Label

Another jacket that gives off those fall blazer vibes is the Siarah Cropped Jacket in brown blue multi. This would pair perfectly with the matching mini skirt, or wear it with jeans and boots for the perfect autumn weekend look. The cropped silhouette is a playful touch, and perfect for date nights, weekend brunches, or anything else you have planned. You’ll love the easy to use double button closure, padded shoulders, and button cuffs, which are a nice touch.

Whether you pair it with a skirt or pants, boots are a definite for this jacket! Tall boots or ankle booties would give of the perfect fall vibes, as would wearing this with a chunky scarf when the weather is breezy.

How to style an ASTR the Label blazer

Some of the best ways to style an ASTR the Label blazer

When it comes to styling ASTR the Label blazers, it all depends on your own style and the look you’re going for. If you want to style your blazer for fall, consider these options!

  • Blazer with boots. No matter which ASTR the Label blazer has caught your eye, one of the most classic ways to style it is with jeans and boots. This is especially true for the fall weather! Grab one of their oversized or plaid blazers and throw on your favourite pair of brown or black boots, and you have an outfit that you can wear all season. Switch it up with different coloured shirts under the blazer, as well as different size boots (booties, tall, combat, etc.)

  • Blazer with a scarf. A scarf is always a great addition to any outfit, but it serves a special purpose in autumn. Add a scarf around your neck to compliment the blazer, and keep yourself warm if your activities are outside! 

  • A tee shirt and jeans. This is such a classic, but it always bears mentioning. A white tee, your favourite pair of jeans, and boots with a blazer is a can’t-miss combination. Perfect for outings of all kinds (indoor and outdoor!).

  • Slacks and blouse. Need to look a little more polished at the office or for a formal occasion? Pair your blazer with slacks and a silky blouse and really play with a variety of textures. You can easily wear this outfit with booties, heels, or flats, depending on your style.

Those are our top ASTR the Label blazers!

No matter what ASTR the Label blazer you get, you’re going to go out in style this fall! 

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