An Interview with Adele Joanna

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've never done a blogging interview before, and i've always wanted to have a go, so I thought i'd interview on of my favourite bloggers, Adele from Moltocuriosa
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1. What inspired you to start fashion blogging?
I somehow came across the blogosphere and just wanted to be a part of. I didn’t start with the intention of fashion blogging. I wanted a space online where no one I knew personally knew about and as I have many opinion somewhere to let them be free. Fashion blogging just developed from there because thats what I enjoyed the most. & where the coolest readers were!

2. How would you describe your personal style?
I honestly don’t have a clue. I’d say I’m quite preppy yet chic? Oh I don’t know.
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3. What is your favourite highstreet store?
American Apparel – Know doubt

4. What's your favourite item of clothing for A/W 10?
Brogue shoes is a must and I’m thinking maxi skirts.

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5. Describe a typical outfit you'd wear...
I do love and tend to go for big jumpers and big skirts. With no bright colours!

6. Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? - The Style Crusader - Ashley – Ring My Bell - Victoria - The Haute Pursuit - Not Just Medical - Park and Cube

7. Who are your fashion icons?
I love A list fashion – Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, 80s Madonna

8. What was the last thing you bought from the High Street?
Hmm... I bought a floral skirt from jack wills!
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What did you think of the interview? Are you going to go and check out her blog? would you like to be interviewed?

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Unknown said...

I love this interview. It was nice reading.

lafashionfolie said...

What a pretty, stylish blog.

Sophie X

Anonymous said...

You do know how to make a blog post look pretty :)

& I shall visit her blog!

Maria Evans said...

Cool interview! And I love the pics on that!!

Get fun!


PS: I posted a new outfit, hope to see u in my blog! =)

Anonymous said...

wow, you write this interview in an attractive way!
her outfits are really cute! cool post; thanks for sharing the interview! :)

Castor Pollux

wobblinbetty said...

love adele's blog so it's very nice to read her interview!

Maddy said...

I already follow and love Adele's blog. Yeah I would deffo be up for being interviewed too :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

such a good interview!
i always admire people who can think of interesting questions to ask..mine are always boring so i have take cue from other bloggers..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

L'Amour et la Paix said...

Great interview! xo

Mon Cheri said...

great interview :)

I love Adele's blog <3


PS Holic said...

The fashion industry is in a state of constant flux and evolution, which designers must be fast enough to respond to.. and your blog answer that!! Awesome :)

PS Holic

devilishlypleasurable said...

great feature. i love her style

MillyCupcake said...

Hey Becca,

I already follow her but its interesting to read her answers anyway!

Im a long time follower first time commenter of your too!

I would love to be interviewed by you, or the other way round

my blog is

its great to see bloggers helping each other out!


Not a Paper Cup said... fun!...Definitely would like to be interviewed.

And Yes :) checked out her blog. Love it.

Nicole said...

This is such a cool idea and a good way of drawing attention to other bloggers. I am going to check out her blog now.
Thanks for your comment! I am off on Wednesday and attempting to pack.....
Oh, and I am following your blog now!
Lola x

Catarina said...

Cool interview, It was a nice read. She has nice style, I will definately be visiting her blog too.

Dressing Up For Me said...

She´s pretty and I love her skirts! :)

June said...

thanks for the comment

Laura said...

I loved your review she has amazing style =)

Jude said...

This is a lovely first interview :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Great interview!

Thumb said...

Hi hon! you are fab! all the best xxx hell bunny clothing

Emma said...

yay she's really cool


pancakestacker said...

Thanks so much for your super sweet comment! This is a great interview! I can't wait to read more of them :) I hope that one day someone likes my blog enough to feature me on theirs! Come back again soon!!

Zarna said...

great interview!! come visit again soon :)


Anonymous said...

Great interview :)


fantastic interview. :)SarahD

daniela kate morosini said...

oh wow, i know most of her fave bloggers, and theyre so lovely! xx

k said...

love the interview, she is so cute!

Siru said...

I love getting to know about new bloggers (to me)

juliet xxx

ediot said...

sweet interview! i love this girl, she is so kind and sweet.


valeriewfreeman said...

Love her blog--she is fabulous! Also, great interview :) good job!

Darling xoxo said...

Ooo, good interview Becca. Interesting questions that allow for depth. I'd like to be interviewed as I am intrigued as to what you would ask!
Also, I am officially following Adele's blog now, so will keep checking back to see all her new posts.
Well done!

♥ .


she'll bartend your party said...

oooooh liking this post! especially that union jack pillow haha. your blog is lovely.

Hayley said...

Great interview, I love her blog :)


Jay said...

Great interview. You're blog is so cute. I love your style. If you could I would love to be interviewed.

Much love,

the trainee mum said...

Fab interview - if you are looking for a blog to check out I'd love you to take a look at mine (shameless!!)

Found your blog from Adele's. Plan to keep reading :)

Anonymous said...

Many Many Thanks for your nice and reliable blog

OMR said...

Many Many Thanks for your nice and reliable blog

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