Lifestyle: Why Blogging Is The Most Exciting Industry To Be In

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Who’d have thought that something I started at the young age of 16 would still be a part of my life at 22? Not me! Blogging has evolved to become an industry of it’s own and it’s never been as exciting as it is right now. Everywhere I look there seems to be bloggers and I couldn’t be more proud. Whether it’s Megan in the latest Accessorize advert, Em in Instyle Magazine or just bloggers acing it online with amazing content (you must check out Hannah & Chloe’s blogs).

So after being a blogger for around 7 years now I thought I would share some of the reasons blogging is the most exciting industry to be in right now.

1.     You Can Be Your Own Boss
There has never been a bigger opportunity for you to be your own boss. Blogging can now be a full-time career, you can be your own boss, set your own goals and what’s more empowering than that?! So many girls are bossing it out there and if you need any inspiration you should check out CopperGarden, Em Talks, Megan Ellaby & Pint Sized Beauty (to name a few!)

2.     No Day Is The Same
I think another thing that’s great about blogging is that no day is the same. Some days yes you may feel lonely working from home but some days you will be travelling abroad on press trips, going for meetings with brands or working on exciting campaigns for companies.

3.     There Is No Limits
With blogging there is no limits to what you can achieve. So many bloggers have make-up lines, books, and clothing lines to name a few successes. Want to set up your own business? Do it! Want to start a YouTube channel? Go for it the skies the limit. 

4.     You’re still learning
Do you need any qualifications to become a blogger? No. You just need to be determined, creative and have passion.  With blogging you are a social media manager, photographer, copywriter, web designer, editor, to name a few things. With blogging you are always learning and expanding your skills.

5.     You get to meet like minded people
One of the reasons I started my blog is because I wanted to write about fashion & beauty and a lot of my friends weren’t interested in it. I love being able to document my thoughts and opinions on fashion and beauty and the fact it’s now an industry full of so many like-minded people is so exciting. What’s also so great about blogging is a lot of the time bloggers are there for each other. I always see tweets about bloggers meeting up for events, taking photos for each other and it’s so inspiring to see people working together in the blogging world.

What do you love about blogging?
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DeeDee Louise said...

I loved this post! It's so true too! Anything is possible with blogging


Lily PSB said...

Thank you so much for featuring me especially in a line up of amazing girls too! xx

Megan Ellaby said...

Lots of Love to you girlie x

Unknown said...

very nice items !


Gatsbyandglamour said...

Such a great post. I have worked with some fab brands and met some amazing people and if that's all I achieve with this blog I will be happy. I started out due to my love of writing and I absolutely adore the connections I have created.

Rachael xox

Unknown said...

Love it ,it was useful,thank you

Chichi said...

Great points! I am so glad I stumbled across the blogging world 4 years ago and started my blog 3 years ago because I have gained so much.


Frances Hemmant said...

Awww I loved this post!!! So amazing you've kept it going for that long. I only started in January, and remember finding your blog just after I'd started and being so inspired!! Agree with everything you said 🙌🏼 Xxx

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