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Monday, June 27, 2011

I think nowadays I'm becoming more experimental with fashion. I'm wearing a dress with a bow tie back from In Love With Fashion and round my waist is a headband from Topshop which adds shape the dress and gives it a new lease of life and i'm wearing some Love Label wedges from When I first got these wedges from they are very daring and (high!) but the more I wear them the more I think they are perfect for summer. They are really unusual and believe it or not they go with lots of summery outfits!
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The headband I actually bought in the Topshop sale for £1 a few seasons ago and i've not worn it as a headband i've worn it mainly as a belt for a plain coloured dress.
I've got so many compliments asking me wear my belt was from they were so shocked that it was a headband! The embellishment is amazing and very eye catching!
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At first I wasn't overly keen on the colour of this dress as it looked far too bright but it's grown on me and feels great on!
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At £38 & from inlovewithfashion it may seem expensive but they have a massive 50% off sale on right now so it's time to grab some fashion bargains!
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What do you think of bright orange dresses? Have you got a pair of summery wedges?

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Julia Henderson said...

thank you for the lovely comment :)
i love the colour! :) i'm going shopping in london on wednesday so planning on getting some wedges then aha

hope you've had a good day


Wendy Lu said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolute love!!! <3 I agree with Julia, what a beautiful color. And I liked how you wore it with a belt, too cute! Probably one of my favorite outfits of yours.


Hannah said...

that dress is gorgeous! Hannah xo


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the lovely comments.

This dress is so pretty and summery, I love the colour and I think it really complements your skintone! :)

Jamilah X

Anonymous said...

cute dress- I like the colour on you!

Corrie♥ said...

Ooh this dress is gorgeous! You look lovely in the dress :) x

Zaina said...

I really like the dress and shoes!!

NenaTH said...

love the dress and the shoes <3

i wanted to ask you about styling a white sheer shirt, i recently bought one and i'm not sure how i should wear it :S do you have any tips ?

Is This Real Life? said...

I love very and your wedges are so lovely with that dress, you look super pretty and summery!

Rachael x said...

That dress is stunning <3 such a gorgeous colour, it really suits you :)

I am a new follower BTW :)


ronan said...

i don't know why you didn't like it :P it looks stunning on you! it's a gorgeous dress and i love that you've paired it with the belt :) £38's not bad because you can wear it loads! and yess i bought some gorgeous summer wedge espadrilles from office! they're a must have! :) ronan x

ohyouprettythings said...

You are gorgeous!! And I LOVE this coral dress!! Super amazing!! :]

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Coral looks stunning on you!!

Emma said...

that dress is really gorgeous, i love the wedges too

Heather said...

The cut looks mighty fine on you :)

I've a killer pair of black suede wedges with elastic straps :)

Lauren said...

That colour looks awesome on you! I wish it was Summer here in Australia so I can wear cute summery dresses. xx

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous outfit, love your dress :) x

Unknown said...

You're very welcome, Becca. Thanks for your comment on my blog too!
And you look so adorable in that coral dress <3
Are you from London because if you're, I will be studying abroad there next year probably at the London college of fashion!

BTW I just created a poll in my blog on top fashion trends this summer. Help me out?


Rebecca said...

ohh, i love your wedges! and it's a great idea to wear the headband as a belt (:

Becky said...

Looove the pink fluffy dress! So cute :)

Emma xxx said...

lovely colour :) xxx

Nothing Lasts Forever said...

Beautiful dress ! It's perfect for the summer vacations ! Check out :

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the comment!
you are so cute!
i love your shoes and your dress!

Catarina said...

The colour of the dress is lovely and I am stunned that your belt is a headband! it looks really nice. The wedges are gorgeous!


i love the dress and the wedges look really nice to i need to learn how to walk in mine!!

j. said...

cute dress. looks great with the wedges


Much Love ♡

+ Jess +

Blicious said...

i love anything coral! so pretty!


Style Sarah said...

oh my goodness, you are adorable! love the colors! great post! so glad i found your blog!


Unknown said...

oh nice! I guess i will be visiting manchester at some point. I heard from friends that it's a very beautiful city.
Well I am actually an accounting major haha. But after fall term next year, I will be done with it so I can do whatever I want the last semester! That's why I am going to London to study fashion.

Emma Louise said...

Ohh pretty dress! Looks lovely on you. I wouldnt be into the bright colours for myself, dont think i can pull them off! Im all over wedges though! 3 pairs and counting!

Melody.A said...

That dress is really cute!
I love the way you styled it!

Patricia said...

A pair of summery wedges is a must, isnt it?
I got an idea on how to transform my old wedges into something really cool. I'm still working on it, but once its done, it will definitely be posted on my blog...

Mrs. Aa said...

cute dress and it looks great on you :D

check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your wedges! They're so nice!

Check out my 1st blog giveaway!

High Street Priestess said...

You totally rock colour! It really does look great on you. This outfit is just gorgeous.

Cherry said...

This is really cute, I love the wedges as well!

Kim Axani said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say you were triplets! I love the pics and this outfit is so cute.

Save Life said...

I Love This Pinky Style .

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Plami said...

You look lovely <3 Beautiful dress!


Stacey Kay said...

This is really pretty. I can't decide whether I like coral on me personally yet, but it looks great on you!

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Iced-Tea-Doll said...

Thats such a cute outfit! Where are the shoes from? X

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That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I like these styles.

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Madeline said...

Your outfit is really pretty. I love the wedges. :)
Check out my blog if you have the time!

Trudy Danso said...

ohhh love the wedges! cute dress!

- True

sophie xxx said...

I recently came across your blog and i love it! i adore that dress... follow back please xxx

SLR said...

very nice (-;

Save Life said...

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Anonymous said...

ery nice pictures! I love thats
Thank you

Anonymous said...

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