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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I think as soon as someone says they are having a fancy dress party you're always stuck for ideas! So I thought I'd do a post about it! With some fancy dress costumes which are available at Fancydressball.
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Mini skirts, short dresses, knee high white boots and your sorted! check out more 70s fancy dress ideas here for your next fancy dress party!
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My favourite era for fancy dress is probably the 80's. I love the flight attendant look and I love the Madonna outfit too! If I was off to a fancy dress party I'd love to dress up like Madonna, the crazy hairsprayed hair, the fake pearls and lace leggings! Who else loves 80fancy dress ideas?

Do you feel inspired? Which look is your favourite?

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Ellie..♥ said...

Great post!
i love the Madonna one to :)
love your blog !

ellie oxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

the madonna one wins me over every time! :) But, I do love 60s/70s dress!

Julia @ Retro Jules

fashionismyh2o said...

Oh wow! That madonna inspired one is absolutely amazing ha-ha! Love dressing up :)


Baro Lucas said...

Oh, Fashion Train! I love the Madonna one to!!!!!! haha

Great blog, darling!

Hannah said...

i agree the madonna one is great! the flight attendant is probably my favourite though!
Hannah xo


ronan said...

i love the 80s ones! they're really different :) whenever anyone i know does fancy dress it always ends up as a who can be the sluttiest competition then i'm there dressed as a hotdog or something :P ronan x

InesT said...

And love all the looks from the 70's and the first one of the 80's (reminds me of Lady Gaga :P)

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

Anonymous said...

LOVE the 80's style! the one to the far left reminds me of a lady gaga ensemble (Probably the hair bow)

XO Sahra

Just Another Shopaholic said...

I love the Madonna look!
Great post girl!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Madonna one! I'd be tempted to wear that again after the party :) xx

Kim Axani said...

I'm really loving 70s fashion right now and want to get some nice bell bottomed denim trousers. I LOVE that last orange outfit in your 70s section here =)

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the Madonna one! I'm not keen on fancy dress, only because i'm too lazy to think of something new and creative! x

MadeByJulietta said...

Yes I am liking the flight attendent look as well..I have always admired the look of them

Emma xxx said...

The Union Jack one! The UK is the place to be! Great blog xx

Life At Victoria House said...

Gotta love the English flag look :) Geri from spice girls forever!

Unknown said...

This are very inspiring. I love all the 80's look ones!


Ria said...

My whole 18th Birthday was 80's themed and it was the most fun dressing up ever! So naturally I'm loving the last two costumes :D
Gotta admit the Lady Gaga one is pretty awesome too xoxo

NenaTH said...

i really like the 80's! especially the Madonna outfit!

Patricia said...

I can't wait for a Halloween party right now ;-)
Now u can check out my rings on my blog ;=)

Emma said...

my cousin is having an 80s party in a few weeks and im totally thinking madonna esque or bright with leg warmers etc! cant wait

Anonymous said...

hahaha! That's so true! I love dressing up but I still never know what to wear.
Especially loving the stewardess and multicoloured outfit! :)

Jamilah X

jhon said...

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OMR said...

Definitely the last one!! Love it :) xxx

Unknown said...

I love that fancy dresses. very cute.

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Unknown said...

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