How Style Changes...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Style changes so much, and with a blog you can look back on what you wore 8 months ago and think why did I wear that? Well you wore it because it was cool at the time and latest trends and looking back through the 'fashion-train archives' of outfit posts I decided to make a collage to show you a bit of how much my style has changed!
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From Plain boring colours to Nudes and Florals!
What do you think?
How has your style changed?
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Anonymous said...

I never really realized how much style can change. I really like how you made it into a collage, and it only started a little over a year ago! that's crazy! you always had good style though. I love all your outfits here. even if they are out of date.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

wow- i love fashion but i couldnt ever get an outfit like you do. you look so stunning in all of them ;D
but yer, its changed loads, i love it atm. i hope it doesnt change to something silly like neon again :/ :L


Anonymous said...

Wow Ive forgotton how much the style has changed, really good idea :) Aly xx

Anonymous said...

Your style is always amazing

Rachella - said...

My style has totally changed. Like your pictures! Your style is great. Hope you will become a follower of my blog?

Laura said...

I love your collagey time line!!! and my your style has changed but you have always looked so lovely =) I know my style has changed it's constantly evolving and I love it!!!!!

Indigo said...

cute! I wear a lot more back now! i have a very tom boyish look now! xx

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

well my fashion style changes every day... if you pass by my blog you'll figure out lol but does that mean im a fashion friendly person? LOL

I love the may 2009 and jan 2010 outfits! (L)


Wendy Lu said...

Personally I never think a certain style is "out of fashion." I like wearing what I personally think looks good on me regardless if it's "in" or not.

I really do love that photo where you're wearing glasses, and that blue striped shirt/skirt is super cute on you. :3

Neat collage, by the way. :D


Anonymous said...

I like how your style has changed, but they still all great.
I don't think mine has changed that much, but I do like to experiment every now and then.

Cherry said...

I'm not sure how my style has changed, I don't think it has very much. You have a great style, I love the pics.

LadyBugSays ... said...

Great post! Think I will be having a look back and seeing how my sense of style has changed!

Brandon Yanofsky said...

I didn't realize how fast fashion can change. Like most people here, I'm kind of curious about myself and a lot of my friends. Time to go looking for photos.

Unknown said...

I made the mistake of going through my archive when i was wardrobically uninspired and I DIED! What possessed me to blog some outfits I do not know! At least yours are sweet and worth looking at!

Amy Acorn said...

i used to be quite plain, now i take way more risks :) x

un petit lapin said...

It's fun to look back at past outfits! I think there are ways to update "old" outfits to make them more modern.

Chelsea. said...

I love your blog and all your posts I dont know wher you get all your ideas from! I love all your clothes and the way you put them together they look so nice, and I love how you have put this collage together and how you have pictures from the months :) Keep Blogging :)

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