N-dubz's Tulisa, new style queen of hip-hop clothing?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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What do you think of the Hip-hop clothing as sported by british band N-dubz?
Do you admire Tulisa's style?
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Here N-dubz are with singer Pixie Lott and Tinchy Stryder, what do you think of Tulisa's style compared to fashion icon Pixie Lott?
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Here Tulisa is pictured going to the Brits party in a £25 Matalan dress, is she taking highstreet celebrity fashions to a new level? Will she ever wear a designer gown?
In a way, personally I quite admire Tulisa, as she wears exactly what she wants and stands out from the crowd.
What do you think? we'll she ever be classified as a style icon? will bands like N-dubz make 'hip-hop' fashion the new thing to wear?
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Serina said...

I guess I admire that she hasn't been caught up with all that fame stuff, and she stays true to herself, but I have to be honest, I don't think she particularly wears hip hop fashion! Well it's all down to personal taste isn't it, she's not an icon to me but I respect the fact that she's an icon to others :)

abbzzw said...

in some videos tulisas style is amazing and i have looked at her for inspiration on numerous occassions as i'v never really been a girly girl. i think she can pull off pretty much whatever she wants and so she does!

but she DEFINITELY gets it wrong sometimes!

great post lovely :) xx

Mia Futuro said...

She looks really great in all the pictures you have here, and by wearing cheaper, more attainable stuff, she is a good role model for younger girls who are fans.

Comparing her to Pixie Lott, however, there is NO comparison. Pixie has a totally different look, inspired by the 1970s mostly, whereas Tulisa is definately not a retro kind of girl. But then again, Pixie probably has stylists to tell her what to wear, whereas Tulisa's wearing of a cheap Matalan dress shows that she clearly has her own style, because I don't think a stylist would have made her wear this.

Even though what she's wearing isn't what I'd usually like, I think she is a great role model. As for fashion ICON, maybe not so much?

Love Abby x

Christie said...

Well I like that it's a bit more feminine! Definitely outside of the normal "hip hop" dress code.

In Fashion and Style

mia said...

I think its brave of her too wear things from the highstreet, and because of this i think she will be admired by many girls

Frankie Amelia said...

Personally my opinion would be that if i was walking down the street and they both came towards me i would undoubtedly have my attention caught by what pixie lott is wearing, but i do agree with the previous statements that alot of girls will admire tulisa for the fact that she doesnt feel the need to follow every trend going, and that she represents people that may not have alot of money buy wearing an inexspensibe garment to an event you would expect to see many designer outfits at!
Please follow :)

Frankie xxx

StyleNonsense said...

I Don't Think She Has The Greatest Style, But With The Help Of Someone Like Karl Lagerfeld Or Even Alexa Chung She Could Be Something Great.
Following Your Blog!

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love her get-up in the 2nd photo!

Anonymous said...

I do like Tulisa but after seeing her on the TV programme Being N-dubz I don't think her style is any different. I do prefer Pixie Lott, but that's more my style.

amylovesfashion said...

i like her uniqueness (is that a word?...) and the way she's still faithful to our high street when she could clearly afford designer.. in Bliss she does a column showing her 'date style' and i like some of her outfits in there (its more glam) but i personally wouldn't rock the hip-hop look.
please comment and follow!

Anonymous said...

she has a great style but pixie is the best, I love her

Vicki said...

i think its fab that shes wearing matalan! i def admire her :) dunno about being a fashion icon like the likes of alexa chung and the olsens.. but def admirable! x

Carissa said...

nice <3

Carissa said...

nice <3

Wendy Lu said...

I don't know this band unfortunately, I don't live in Britain. T_T

I like Pixie'style more I think, I love the braided band she has around her head, it's very stylish. And that dress she's wearing is a bit to short but very cute. :)

I do like that Matalan dress though! Pretty pattern. <3

Very thoughtful post. :) Hip-hop fashion is slowly coming out as a style to be admired, though I don't think it'll ever truly dominate the fashion world.


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