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Thursday, August 05, 2010

If you could pack your bags and leave right now, which top 3 places would be your dream cheap holidays destination?

Paris, France
Paris would obviously be my number one choice, it's the city of all things fashionable. It's not expensive to get to (silly new york!) and sounds to me like a really good vacation from what i've heard. You see all the street style photos from Paris Fashion Week and think WOW the french have style. I've never been and stayed in Paris myself and i'm yet to take a trip up the eiffel tower, I would love to experience the good french fashion (compared to the country-side fashion I see when I go to france every year)
and the really interesting landmarks in france. I'd love to sit outside at a cafe and watch the people walking buy, see a show at the theatre or just go out for a meal to experience what the parisian night life is like, to see a different side of france which I am yet to explore!
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Milan, Italy
Another Fashion Week destination which is close to England is Italy! (Yes it's another place cheap and easy to get to) I would love to walk down the streets of Milan with Channel and Gucci and other designers shops all in a row! I would love to see what the Italian street style fashion is like in this city aswell, also to experience the beaches, landmarks and general life of Madrid by going shopping and eating out! I would love to go here on holiday for a week or two.
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Madrid, Spain
My third choice would be spain, frankly because i've only been once, which I can't remember as I was very young. I would love to go again and see what it's like. Stay in a villa with a swimming pool with a really gorgeous view, to be near to the beach and near lots of shops! Also, i'd really like to see all the landmarks and everything there is to see in Madrid!
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Where would you go? What are your top three cheap holiday destinations? Anywhere fashionable like mine?
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Carla said...

I've been to Paris many times and I still adore it. Italy is like one of the best places ever and Im Spanish so of course I love Madrid, so between those 3 what a hard choice haha!

I would love to go to Miami or Hawaii.

Redhead in Law

Heather Cavanaugh said...

I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

SoaneHonor said...

Well, my first say would be LA, but that's not cheap, sadly.
I've been to Paris twice, and it's not really my sort of city.
So, I would go for any city in the UK, London at the top; secondly Copenhagen, Denmark; thirdly Budapest or Rome.
If money was no barrier, it would Vancouver Canada, Sydney Australia and LA USA.

Anonymous said...

I live in Madrid and it's a nice city :)
Of course, i'd like to go to Hamburg, Paris and LA
nice blog

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Great Post, These are my DREAM to see Countries from a Gal from the United States-Florida. Ehh it's kinda pricey as i've search, but for sure I want to go to PARIS this or next year. X Ari

emilycharlotte_ said...

I want to go to paris and new york - obvious reasons! I'm going to miami at the end of the month, so that's another ticked off my list! x

Style At Every Age said...

Nowhere is cheap these days is it? I am off to Puerto Banus in Spain soon, love it there. I would love to go to NY but that wouldn't be cheap would it?

Hannah said...

I agree with Paris, I love love love it there but haven't been for years so I'm sure I owe it a visit! I love just walking around and finding street side bars to watch the world go by. The French are so glamorous and the city is so beautiful! I disagree with Milan though. I was there last summer and it really didn't live up to my expectations. There ae such nicer places in Italy, Florence, Venice, Rome etc. I've never been to Madrid, but I do love Spain, especially Barcelona, such an incredible city!!! said...

great post.
kiss from Milan.
Nicola freshONpr

Anonymous said...

I love Madrid, it's easy and cheap to get there, I just have to drive and cross the border between Portugal and Spain

Unknown said...

I would go to madrid!!! I've always wanted to go but you are definitely a lot closer than I am. Barcelona would be beautiful too!

I'm having a giveaway, check it out when you get the chance =)

Laura said...

I love all the places you picked they are on my wish list of places to go to, for me I would Choose LA, Toronto, and New York all rather easy to get to since I'd be flying from Florida

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

Paris: i dont think Paris is cheap, in fact is one of the most expensive places where to stay between london, italy, france and berlin. ive seen lots of dust and dirt at the street but the people is kind and that makes it beuatiful

Italy: Milano is the BEST place where to go if you interested in fashion, many important designers come from Milano and guys are gorgeous!


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Robyn said...

great post, ilove your blogg i noww follow youu :) i hope you want to follow me back x

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Paris, Rome and London, but if money were no object my dream destination would be Egypt. I'm fascinated by everything Egyptian.

Rebecca said...

i love paris so much! I would love to live there when i'm older, but i'm awful at french, ha

Erin said...

Italy is one of the most beautiful places, and not to mention has some of the best fashion in the world. I definitely recommend going to the cities there, especially Rome! South Africa (Cape Town) is also gorgeous, it's probably on the pricier side but it's a for sure must see sometime in your life! My top three would be Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Cairo.

Great post!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Don´t forget to visit Montmartre when you visit Paris although it can be really crowded and full of tourists.

I´d prefer Barcelona instead of Madrid and if you want to visit the south, Seville, Granada or Córdoba are the perfect choices but it could be really hot in these cities in the summer.

Happy Friday! :)

Wendy Lu said...

Love thist post!

Top 3 Vaca Places: Paris, England, Alaska

Great choices for vacation. :D Very pretty photos. I went to Madrid a few summers ago and
loved it! Very nice food and the architecture was crazy-awesome.


Ale Arróyave said...

to pariis!! .. but for me new york is cheaper.. (I'm from Mexico)! so 4th option and my choice: New York :D!


Unknown said...

Thanks for great list post. In all the destination I like Paris. I love Paris because so beautiful and nice people also.

Tuscany Agriturismo

Style Goddesses said...

I love Paris, been there a couple of times :) So much to do! Love Valencia in spain! So pretty! However I'm a massive lover of NYC, got stuck there during the volcano eruption this year so got a free week on top of the 4 days I'd already spent there! Worked out as pretty good value for me! Millie xxx

original seed said...


Antonio Barros said...

Let me know when you come to Paris!
I'll give you some nice tips!

StyleNonsense said...

I Looove Paris, i Hope To Go In October As It's A Good Price & Chic Location.

amylovesfashion said...

New york! altho that's not very cheap. and paris definately, i wanna sit in a cafe reading french vogue and dipping croissants in a latte... :)

jenizvinik said...

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Luxury Traveler said...

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OMR said...

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