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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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The past few weeks have been ‘big’ weeks for me. I’ve finished university, moved back home, found a job, started a job and this week I graduated. I ended up going to two different universities and they were two very different experiences. I love reading posts like this about experiences so I thought it’s time to share mine.

1.    You may realise your degree isn’t right for you
After my first year at university in 2012, despite meeting some amazing people and learning so much about myself, I decided that staying there and completing my degree in Birmingham wasn’t right for me. It’s okay to take some time out (or even a year out in my case) to decide what you want to do, whether it’s to enrol somewhere else or not go back at all.

2.    Everyone’s experience of university is different
I’ve met people who absolutely LOVED University and they go on about how they had the time of their lives but I didn’t. It’s okay to not enjoy every aspect of university, everyone’s experience is unique and it is what you make of it. I 100% made the right decision moving universities and by doing so, I got a lot more out of my degree and my higher education experience.

3.    It’s okay to not make hundreds of friends
You do meet some amazing people at university, but you also meet some (not so) amazing people. I have come out of the second university I went to making one really good friend who I love to pieces. We’ve been through so much and supported each other every step of the way and that’s a friend for life.

4.    Long distance relationships do work
Some people meet the love of their lives at university but some people are already in relationships when they make the big decision to go into higher education. While I was at university, I managed a relationship and as long as you both make an effort they do work! (We managed it with a 2-hour and a half distance away from each other)

5.    That it’s okay to not know what to do with your life
Despite finishing university, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen 2,3 years down the line. Every experience is a learning curve and you never know where an opportunity may take you so just go for it!

What have you learnt from your time at university?

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Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you on points 1 & 5. There are so many career aspects one can take and I don't agree on rushing to a conclusion. Always follow your heart and if you have to take the time needed to re-evaluate what you want to do in life, it's okay to do so.

Thanks for sharing!

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