Lifestyle: 25 Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Thursday, July 21, 2016

If you’re like me you spend all year thinking about going on holiday, getting a tan and exploring a new country. When you’re a blogger you never really have a break where you can ‘switch off’ and not think about blogging. Blogging has been a part of my life for 7 years and when I go on holiday I love being able to create different content to the content I produce just because I’m in a different country.

While I was sorting through a few things the other day, I found a notebook with some ‘holiday blog post’ ideas inside and I thought even though I’ve been on holiday this year, that I’d share some of those ideas with you lovely readers!

1. Your holiday make-up bag
2. Holiday make-up routine
3. Minimal holiday make-up routine
4. Skincare products to take on holiday
5.  Evening holiday make-up routine

6. Your travel essentials
7.  Travelling guide, e.g guide to Barcelona, guide to Paris
8. Top places to visit, e.g Barcelona, Paris
9. Favourite places to shop
10. Your honest holiday review

11. Holiday #OOTD post
12.  Holiday fashion wishlist
13. Swimwear guide
14. Fashion holiday essentials
15.  Poolside essentials (books, suncream etc)

16. The guide to achieving glowy skin
17. Summer make-up wishlist
18. Packing for a holiday
19. Budget summer beauty essentials
20. Hair care holiday essentials

21. Your carry-on make-up bag
22. Favourite summer cocktails
23. Travel photo diary
24. Things to do on holiday
25. Restaurant reviews

I hope this has helped generate some inspiration for your next trip!

Are there any blog posts you’d like to see on fashion-train? Let me know in the comments!

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chloelxuise said...

I love these blog post ideas! I'm currently trying to daily blog and was running out of ideas, but you've definitely helped me!:)
Cloe X

Unknown said...

These are great ideas thanks !


The Sunday Mode said...

I'm the same, one of my favourite things as a blogger about going on holidays is the content you get from it! Especially when the location you're going to is completely different from your usual surroundings, I find that so inspiring.

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