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Monday, January 18, 2016

One thing I don't think there's enough of anymore is bloggers sharing the love for other bloggers. I always love discovering new blogs and I check the blog lovin' app just as much as I check Instagram or Twitter and I'm forever reading new blog posts. 
Some of my favourite posts to read are when bloggers share their favourite blogs and you end up discovering some new favourites to read. So I thought I'd start off 2016 by sharing with you all some of my favourite fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogs to read at the moment (and they're not the ones you see constantly on these sorts of posts!)
1. Thumbelina Lillie - Megan's blog has been a real favourite of mine for a couple of years now. Her beauty posts are always on point, she has a gorgeous sense of style and she loves writing about lifestyle issues and also she shares the stresses of blogging whilst being in your third year of university. She's been a total babe to chat to and this year will be our year that we finally get to hang out! THIS IS HAPPENING MEGAN I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS.
2. Blog Beth - Beth's blog is a blog I discovered from working with her while I was an intern in the summer. Since I left where I was interning to go back to university, I've followed her blog ever since. She posts a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts and I always find some good recommendations on her blog and she's a total babe on twitter too. 
3.  Rachel Nicole - This girl is an absolute gem. We met while I was at university in Birmingham (even though I dropped out after a year) we still stayed in touch. While we were at uni we always went on Nandos girly dates to chat about life and blogging. Rachel's blog is full of loads of fashion and beauty and travel posts. I think she's really found her niche when it comes to blogging and if you love a bargain and a good recommendation Rachel's blog is for you.
4. Which Beauty Box - Okay so beauty addicts maybe you shouldn't click on this link (you'll be constantly checking her blog after) but I absolutely love Jaina's beauty box reviews. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I love a beauty box and so reading a blog dedicated to beauty boxes is a dream! I've discovered loads of new beauty boxes through Jaina and I love reading her thoughts on beauty boxes every month.
5. Copper Garden - Jess is a total babe. I've stalked her blog for years and have loved her posts. I was 100% sure I've met her before but we met again recently at an event in Manchester. She's so genuine and lovely to talk to and Jess I know you'll be reading this I'm not addicted to watching your vlogs and your channel when I'm painting my nails haha! I think Jess is also a multi-tasking machine because she works in retail, goes to university and is also in her final year, she makes videos on youtube and has a vlogging channel. Is there anything she can't do?! You can subscribe to Jess' youtube channel here.
I hope you've discovered some new blogs reading this post! Let me know what blogs you're loving at the moment or leave a comment below with your blog link for me to check out!
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Jessicalaar said...

Lovely post, im going to check these blogs out, I always love finding new blogs :)

Jess x

Life Looking Out said...

Hey Becca!! Great post! I'm over at and a blogger I'm loving at the moment is

Dana x

Unknown said...

Aww you bloody sweetheart you! I am so honoured that you featured me, you are just too kind Becca!

Megan xo
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