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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Live Love London Make-up Review

One thing I think the high-street is lacking at the moment is a variety of drugstore brands. As much as  I love brands like Soap and Glory, Collection, Rimmel there's only so many times you can swatch those lipsticks on your hand and guess which foundation shade you are. My favourite high-end brand is definitely MAC but I'm a student, I'm not rich and can afford every Mac product I want. It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to pick up some more affordable bits to experiment with and so let me introduce you to Live Love London. They're a new make-up brand which is being stocked in BHS and it's definitely a brand to watch.
Live Love London Make-up Review

Live Love London Makeup Review
One of my first thoughts about the brand is I really liked the packaging. I really liked how some of the eyeshadows have 'Live Love' engraved on them. It's a great personal touch and it just makes the palette so much prettier to look at... 
Live Love London Makeup Review
Sheer Pink Lipgloss* - £2

I'm more of a lipstick girl then a lip gloss but I was still going to try this one out. I think this isn't of high quality as the the lipsticks in the range but it will work on top of lipsticks if I don't want my lips to look matte.
Live Love London Makeup Review
Sheer Lipgloss and Red/Pink Lipsticks* - £2 each

Out of the three lip products my favourite is definitely the red lipstick. The pigmentation of the lipstick is great and I love how the tone of the red is slightly orange which I love and who doesn't love and orange/red lipstick shade?!
Live Love London Makeup Review
Love Blush in Desire* - £3

One make-up product I really want to get into wearing more is blusher. I really liked the colour of this blusher as it wasn't too pink and it appears to be quite neutral.
Live Love London Makeup Review
Love Your Look Smoulder 3 Palette* - £5

On to my favourite sort of make-up products, eyeshadow palettes. I am always on the hunt for the perfect eyeshadow palette and so I had high hopes for the eyeshadow palette from Live Love London. The colours of the eyeshadow palette are so nice and this would be a great palette for a natural make-up look.
Live Love London Makeup Review

As you can see the eyeshadows are quite pigmented. Yes they're not as amazing as your high-end eyeshadow palettes but they're still pretty amazing. I love how this palette has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades which is great when creating eyeshadow looks. I think for a night out the best way to use these eyeshadows are to spray your eyeshadow brush with a setting spray before using them so they have more colour and pigmentation to them. The shimmer colours will look more shimmery too.
Live Love London Makeup Review

This highlighting and bronzer palette is my favourite product from the range. How amazing are these colours?! I love using highlight at the moment to make my skin appear more dewy and who doesn't love a highlight on their cheeks? I was really impressed with the variety of colours as the blushes could act like a highlight shade too.
Live Love London Makeup Review

Live Love London Makeup Review
 Bronze and Light Palette* - £9

The colour and pigmentation of this palette is AMAZING (as you can see) and the colours are super shimmery. I like using the bronzer shades on top of my current bronzer (which is quite matte) to add a bit more of a glow. I love using the white colour as a light highlight but the main colour I use for a highlight are the two shades next to the white (on the swatches photo above). If you have a BHS store near you I'd be running to pick up this palette right now!
Live Love London Makeup Review
Love your eye palette in Love Sexy* - £9
Live Love London Makeup Review
Lastly we have the love your eye palette in 'Love Sexy' which I'd say is my favourite eyeshadow palette of the two. I was really impressed with the shimmery gold and peach shades and these are the sort of shades I'll use everyday in my make-up routine. What I really like about this palette is that it comes with a massive mirror and it's got super sleek packaging which means it's great for storing in your handbag on the go.

Overall I'm actually super impressed with Live Love London. The prices are really affordable and the quality of the products is so so good considering how affordable this brand is. My favourite products are definitely the eyeshadow palettes and the highlighting and bronzing palette. I'm going to be heading into my local BHS store to check out the rest of the range!

What do you think of Live Love London? Will you be checking out your local BHS to pick up some of these products? Which product is your favourite?
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Jessicalaar said...

I love the look of these, they look like they have good pigmentation and really affordable too. Lovely post.

Jess x

Gatsbyandglamour said...


I am definitely going to need to try this out - so affordable. I love the bronzers!


Unknown said...

I need to get my hands on the highlight and eyeshadow palette! im a sucker for eyeshadows too, you can never have too many and i love a bargain!!


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