Fashion: 10 Reasons We Fell In Love With Rachel Green's Style

Friday, October 02, 2015

You probably know by now that I'm a little bit obsessed with Friends. It was the first show that I really liked and I became obsessed with the fashion in it and no matter what the show always made me laugh and made me smile. Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green has had a big influence on some of my style choices and these posts always go down so well with you guys. You can check out some of my previous Rachel Green themed posts here and here
1. Rachel knew the power of a good turtleneck and how to wear it.
2. She then became obsessed with turtlenecks and very rightly so. She seriously knew how to wear them and knew wearing a turtleneck could never look bad.
3. Rachel knew the power of a simple outfit. There's nothing wrong with wearing a black top and black jeans. She managed to make it elegant and chic.
4. She could even make a boob tube look good. Who can make a boob tube look good?!
5. She wore oversized shirts super cool. Who needs buttons anyway?
6. Rachel taught us that it's okay to wear ankle socks and ankle boots.
7. She brought the 70's trend back in the 90's with graphic prints and denim skirts. 
8. She wasn't afraid to experiment with her style, especially when it came to prints and textures.
9. She knew how to layer her clothes and how to pull off the ultimate monochrome outfit.
10. She managed to pull off tights on a date night and make them look classy.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! What do you think of Rachel Green's style in Friends?
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Unknown said...

I loved this post. I remember when I was younger finding clothes in the charity shop that looked just like something Rachel Green would wear. I always loved her style and still do!

Paige x

Rhiannon said...

This is a fab post! I think we all love Rachel Green's style. My personal fave is the checked skirt and knee high socks when she lost Marcell! x

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