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Friday, June 27, 2014

It's scary to think on Monday morning I was in the Airport with my cousin waiting to get on a plane to New Zealand! This whole week has been a bit of a blur for me. I didn't realise how much travelling on planes can take it out on you! On Monday afternoon my journey began. I went from Gatwick wearing this Jumpsuit which you can see on Instagram! It was the comfiest travelling outfit EVER!
The food on the plane to Dubai started off okay but to me it just got worse as the journey went along! This was one of the nicer meals I had! I found the evening meals were much better than breakfast and lunch on planes! Anyone else find that?!

I watched a few movies and lost vegas was so so good! I also watched Frozen (I've never seen that before!) and it was so good. I arrived in Dubai 8 hours later and I was excited at first but a 10 hour stop over in Dubai was really hard I just wanted to get on a plane again! I then got on a plane from Dubai to Sydney and made a quick stop in Australia waiting for my next plane to Auckland. I really want to go to Australia and properly see it now (it's not that fun seeing it from a window inside the airport!)

I then hopped on another plane and finally landed in Auckland. It felt weird to not be on a plane, coping on so few hours sleep (it's literally so hard to sleep on planes!) and it was super hard getting used to being on the other side of the world in a different time zone to the UK. I have been here a couple of days now and went to the beach and despite it being winter here it was beautiful!

Are you a fan of travelling? Have you been to New Zealand? Any Recommendations?
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Kim said...

COME TO SYDNEY! I move there tomorrow :D can't believe you're so close to me yet still so far. Miss youuuu! Hope you have a fab time xx

Sweet Monday

Unknown said...

Looks amazing ! Hope you have a good time !

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Ellen Atlanta said...

New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list, it looks like such a gorgeous country <3

Sophie said...

Hi Becca,
My Mum is from New Zealand and I went to see my family over there when I was 5 :-) It is the MOST AMAZING place, I am so so excited to go back there some day! How long are you staying? I hope you love it as much as I do and I can't wait to see more posts from Down Under! xx

Tiffany said...

those two photos in new zealand are amazing! i would love to visit. enjoy your trip and live it up!


Selvi said...

I want to go to nz so badly! My friend stayed there for a long time and he also says that it's simply beautiful.

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Unknown said...

I actually live in Auckland New Zealand and have for my whole life! I hope you are having a amazing time here despite the horrible winter weather but there has been a few nice days! I love your Instagram and recently discovered you on there! xx

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