Weekly Wishlist: Daisystreet Dreaming

Monday, January 14, 2013

Daisy Street is soon becoming one of my favourite online retailers! They're clothes are so affordable and on trend and they definitely have the largest selection of disco pants EVER! (not going to lie I want them in every colour!) and their disco pants are great quality too! (the emerald green and wine disco pants are my faves!) But yes here's what I'm LOVING on Daisystreet at the moment!
1 - Gold Sequin Wedges - £18.99
2 - Cream Blouse with gold crosses - £9.99
3 - Emerald Green Disco Pants - £22.99
4 - Sequin Sleeve Khaki Jacket - £39.99
5 - Barry M Jewel Britannia Nail Polish - £3.99
6 - Barry M Ruby Glitter Nail Polish - £3.00
7 - Spike Bracelet - £5.99
8 - Black Sequin Party Dress - £29.99

Firstly how AMAZING are these gold sequin wedges?! They're perfect for wearing with a LBD or a dress for a night out and will definitely give your outfit that uber stylish edge! This blouse with crosses on looks super cool! It's only £9.99 in the sale and would be perfect for day and night wear! I'd wear it in the day with a cardigan or leather jacket and a pair of leggings or jeans and at night I'd get out a pair of disco pants and massive heels! I've fallen in love with these emerald green disco pants! The colour is just amazing and they can easily be worn for day and nightwear! I know these jackets have been around a while now but I've still not jumper on the sequin sleeve jacket bandwagon! I'm tempted to treat myself! (eek!) Everyone loves nail polish right?! Especially glittery nail polish and how gorgeous are these Barry M colours?! I'm still yet to own a sequin dress in my life and this black one seems perfect to wear year after year!
What do you think of Daisy Street? Which item is your favourite?


Lucy Loves To Blog said...

I adore that sequined dress and the nail polishes, I'm a sucker for anything sparkly! xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

Unknown said...

I love love love those disco pants, the colour is beautiful. The gold wedges, seriously amazing!!

Ellen Grace said...

Those disco pants are amazing, I only ever owned black until my red ones arrived today and I can't stop looking at them!!


PeachyRage said...

Love Barry M's glitter nail varnish!

Mags said...

Oh my god the colour of those disco pants! Love them! Got your news on Twitter. WELL DONE, knew you could do it. Go girl! xxx

katymitten said...

Oh the sequin dress is gorgeous! xx

The Littles.

Coping with the big C said...

Where can you buy the sequinned dress? X

Deejay Speaks said...

that sequin jacket is everything and I always wanted a sequin dress!!

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Need and want those sequin wedges.

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