Dancewear is back in Fashion

Monday, January 14, 2013


Good news for dancewear lovers: retro vibes in pop culture bring dancewear back to fashion. There are multiple examples for you to get inspired by. Such pop divas as Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani rock retro outfits from day to evening. Madonna and J Lo showcased dancewear in their numerous videos but the stage and training studios are not the only places to wear dance clothes to. If you are waiting for an occasion to sport your fashionable dancewear, today is the perfect day as the 80s are back in fashion. Besides, dancewear retailers offer plenty of options to mix and match including loose crop pants, leggings, hoodies, tank tops and a lot more. Take a step further by following the tips below.
• Wear urban dance elasticated mesh long-sleeved tops teamed with jeans and ballet pumps when going out with friends. They are available in eye-catching pink, yellow and black and go perfectly with skinny jeans. Comfortable ballet pumps are a great choice for hitting the dance floor.
• Try your leotard with a loose skirt or jeans if you want to look feminine without sacrificing comfort. Add an elegant charm bracelet and heels for a more sophisticated look. Layer a leotard with loose tops and sweaters for a trendy look when running errands.
• Choose jazz pants for shopping with friends. Stretchy jazz pants in black offer maximum convenience and look great with sneakers and layered tops. You can wear your favourite dance pants to yoga or pilates classes as well.
• Leg warmers are also not for the dance studio only. They look great with short skirts as well as shorts and ankle-length boots. Leg warmers are available in numerous colours and designs allowing you to add the fun element to virtually any outfit. Besides, they are irreplaceable during the colder months of the year.


Andreja said...

becca, this is great article! didn't know some stuff! thanks for sharing!


Lucy Loves To Blog said...

I do love a bit of dance wear, just not on me! xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

Sam said...

I'm always happy dancewear is in fashion as I can go to classes and auditions without looking crazy! I like panelled bodies with harem pants and high tops.

Sam Muses xx

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Ellen Grace said...

Oh I'm actually pretty excited for this for summer, think it could be a cool look!


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

American Apparel have a great range of fashionable dancewear to choose from!

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