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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

*Guest Post*

Alter your look with coloured lenses
Coloured contact lenses allow those that choose to wear them with the option of changing their eye colour entirely. This will, however, only last as long as the lenses do and act as an extreme fashion statement.

Coloured lenses are a great way to completely revamp and alter your entire look, as you can have blue eyes one day and bright green the next.

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As well as coloured contact lenses, fashion lenses are also readily available and come in the shape of different patterns and designs. Such lenses are only for the brave fashionista and really make a statement.
Investing in either a pair of fashion lenses or a pair of coloured lenses is the perfect way to update a look and is certainly one way to stand out from the crowd.

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Most coloured lenses are available as either daily or monthly contact lenses and can be opaque for darker eyes or alternatively purchased as enhancers, which work well on lighter coloured eyes.
Whether you require a prescription or not, you will still need to have your chosen coloured contact lenses or fashion lenses fitted by an option with a prescription.
Whether you desire to wear them daily or only on special occasions, coloured and fashion contact lenses guarantee to alter your look dramatically.
You can change your hair colour with various hair dyes, your skin colour with various layers of tanning product and now your eye colour!
If you wish to achieve an everyday look, try to opt for a colour that appears natural and not too vibrant and different from that of your original eye colour. Choose something that enhances your existing features rather than overpowers them!
Coloured lenses start from a variety of prices depending on what style you choose.


Andrea said...

this is nice :) esp for a party it would look cool!

Joanne said...

I'd love to try brown eyes for a while! Always wanted to try out lenses but not sure if I would be brave enough putting something into my eye!

Glee said...

I love blue-green contacts. My husband wears them when he plays basketball. While I love their colors, I can´t think of wearing them, the process frets me.

Fanlights said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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your collection is really great

iola said...

Wow, look horrible!ray ban aviators

OMR said...

Good Blog

jacob said...

In your latest post you said about colored Contact Lenses. These lenses are latest fashionable trend and the look will be different from others.

karann1986 said...

The look of the eyes can affect your personality.So to enhance your personality you can use different color of contact lenses which can suit your personality.A good way to get the color of eye you want.Thanx for sharing the article.

Unknown said...

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