Papp a Postcard: Christmas In London & win a £500 Topshop spree

Saturday, November 26, 2011

For people who don't live in the capital it's seen really as an adventure to get on a train for 3 hours to London. It's a place I've never really seen myself until I started my blog and I don't think I'd have got the chance to unless I moved closer!
Me and Lydia went to London today! (yay!) I think we were just super excited as Lydia's never really been and I've only really been to go to events for my blog so just a venture round London was so much fun!

We started off attempting to get to Brick Lane... we bought our railcards to find out the Hammersmith line was closed and so were a few more due to engineering and over crowding or something like that so we ended up walking around from Moorgate to Aldgate (about 20 minutes i think) walking with only my phone to guide us! Eventually we found it and we checked out some of the lovely food shops brick lane has to offer!
(my camera died and I can't find my cable (boo) so I can't retrieve the photos just yet!)

We then went to Camden! It was so so busy but I think if it wasn't as crowded we'd have had a real good look to find some vintage bargains! Camden Market was really good! We then went to Oxford street I then remembered I had this awesome camera application on my phone and little phone battery so I took a few snaps...
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Don't the lights on Oxford Street look amazing?! And who could forget the famous London red buses!
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As you can see from these shots from my Iphone, Oxford Street was so so so busy today! were any of you there doing your christmas shopping? It was so over crowded and it took me and Lydia 20 minutes to walk from H&M to Forever 21 (which were 2 stores apart!) never have we felt so claustrophobic... I think there's a benefit to not living in London (something like that never happens unless it's the january sales at the Trafford Centre!)
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And here's a couple of photos of Topshop, honestly some serious shoe lust over those studded loafers!

I was asked to be involved in helping promote the Papp a Postcard competition on The National Rail's Facebook Page where you can upload your favourite (creative & unique) holiday snap of you and your friends to be in with a chance of winning a £500 spree in Topshop and runners up receive prizes such as railcards!

All you have to do is 'Like' The National Rail's Facebook Page and upload your photo with a caption to enter the competition!

Have you been to London this christmas? Do you live in London? Have you done any christmas shopping?



AspirationsOfGlam said...

Im a northen bird too! Im off to London next weekend...first time since I was 12! This has got me all excited! :)


maphi bayolo said...

awww that sounds nice , and looool i dont think theres a day when camden and oxford street are not crowded xoxo

Lowri said...

I LOVE London, went last year, but dying to go again!! It's the best place ever! lol!

The Deer Head


TheMakeupMuffins said...

Been to Covent Garden this weekend and mentioned it in a recent post. I also resorted to phone snaps! xx

Anonymous said...

I've only been to London once and that was this year. We've already booked again to go in May, but I'd love to go at Christmas xxx

kirbyat said...

I love London! I will be visiting again as soon as I have some money! Haha. xx

Winnie said...

London at the weekend is crazy. You're a brave one!

Anonymous said...

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LOVE the your site!

OMR said...

I am really very happy read your blog

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