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Monday, November 14, 2011

I suppose I never really do much 'personal' posts but I'm getting really into all these photo applications at the moment. I've always loved Instagram (oh yes everybody i've only just started it using it properly as I have two accounts so FOLLOW ME all you lovely instagramers?!)
These photos are from the past two weeks...
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1. Me and Lydia made quite possibly the best brownies in the world. (They are based on Jamie Oliver's Bloomin Brilliant Brownie Recipe) and I've never had so many compliments for food I've baked. The original recipe says add nuts and dates but we added galaxy, white chocolate and M&M's (perfect alternative)
2. Chilling with my friend Ruth (we love Instagram woo!)
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3. This photos on halloween, I had my face painted like a cat!
4. My new shoes from Linzi Shoes.
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5. I bought 10 Nail Art pens! (yes 10!) and my money has never been so well spent. If you follow me on Twitter and on Facebook you'll know how much I love my black nail art pen and seen all the designs I've done thanks to it! So It's great to have 9 more colours to experiment with!
6. An App called 'Incredibooth' was free for the weekend on the App Store it's amazing! And this is me and two of my sisters messing about on the App!
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7. One of my best friends Emily decided to have a formal birthday party and so this is me and Lydia before we went to her party.
8. And here's us at the party with another close friend of ours Jimmy! (with a formal dress code the guys had to wear suits it was like reliving prom...)
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9. Most of you regular followers will have seen both these photos! These are my current nails (thanks to my black and white nail art pens) and so many of you lot seem to love my nails and this is quite a simple aztec print design (YES I did say simple!) so I'm not sure if I should do tutorials?!
10. These are some other new shoes of mine from Topshop... Oh the studs... so much love for them! I think pretty much every blogger seems to have these. Now I have my hands on a pair I know why! They really are the best shoes ever!

How's your week been? You done any cooking/baking been to any parties?

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the ineffable soul said...

those brownies sound i love your dress and the studded shoes :) x

Eloise said...

Oh to own those studded shoes, they're gorgeous! Love these instagram posts

Miss Diva H said...

you look so stunning! love the look and i must say that if i have Instagram i'll be following you already but too bad dear i dont have one :( hey dear,could you followed me back as i've already followed you :) needing some support,thanks love xoxo

Anonymous said...

love the new header!.. the studded flats are Love.

Josie said...

Those brownies sound AMAZING!
xo Josie

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Your nails are oh-so gorgeous! <3 Love love love!

Lost in the Haze


Nails are amazing :O

stereospecs said...

ooh, those brownies look delicious! i love the studded shoes and i'm definitely adding a nail art pen to my christmas wishlist :)

TerrorFashion said...

I love Instagram!

Julia Henderson said...

i must try the recipe for those brownies, they sound delicious! and i'm still lusting over the studded shoes from topshop, next pay i think. hope you're well :) xx

Char! said...

they look like the best brownies in the world! X

Lola √Član said...

the iphone photo apps are addictive!

We are now subscribed feel free to subscribe back :)

Sophie Isobel said...

I've just ordered those studded shoes! So pleased they got my size back in stock :)

Celia said...

Lovely pics, love the shoes, love the nails and love the sound of the brownies, def sounds like a wise choice switching out the dates!x

kirbyat said...

I'm been looking at getting some nail pens for a while, they seem really cool and now after seeing this post I think I'll have to get some!! xx

Schnappy said...

Hehe, funny photos and nails!:)

Tina said...

Am gonna use those designs on my finger nails as well !

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Gaby de Modacapital said...

great pics, love your nails! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the nail polish!!!!

www.Frank and said...

Love the nails. Love your blog - am now following. Please take a peek at our blog & boutique thanks doll x

Style Is Of An ESSENCE said...

I know,the loafers are amazing!comfy and stylish.I have the black ones with gold studs from topshop but have to wait till christmas as there my present xx

Sarah said...

I can't figure out instagram, how dim am I haha! Love the shoes btw, I have them too!! Knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them <3


Anonymous said...

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LOVE the your site!

Anonymous said...

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OMR said...

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