Little Mix have the Fashion Factor

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've never really liked any bands on The Xfactor until this year. I've loved Rhythmix (Now Little Mix) since they were first put together as a 'Group' on The Xfactor as each girl had auditioned seperately originally. They just worked so well and bring a completely different edge and look to any other girlband. What I've noticed they always look amazing! I don't think they get credited enough for how good they always seem to look.
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Ever since their first performance at the Judges houses they've all looked gorgeous!
With their unique style and approach to music they're the only girl group to go so far in the X factor! (totally want them to win)
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They have quite an street and quirky look and never seem to be afraid of being daring with their fashion choices. I love how they pair items of clothing you wouldn't normally pair together and make them look amazing such as aztec print hareem pants and a basic zip up hoody.
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There's not a girlband in the UK like them so there's a huge gap in the market for them so I think they'll go really far!
Each week I love their performances and they bring some fun into The X factor.
I think for once The Xfactor stylists have done well for an act, I usually hate their styling but I absolutely love what they've done to Little Mix!

What do you think of Little Mix? Do you think they have the Fashion Factor?


Julia Henderson said...

I agree with everything you've written, they're so good! x

cosmo-junkie said...

they're so cute :) i love all their ooutfits, so colourful! xx

Char! said...

Little Mix to win! XX

maphi bayolo said...

yh they have such a great sense of style and at such a young age , its so cool xoxo

Michelle Loreto said...

I adore Little Mix! I honestly am not really a fan of their style, though. It's a bit too mish-mashed for my liking. Incredibly singers, though!

x Michelle |

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you on this, i love Little Mix's performances and their style! It's nothing like any other girl band have ever had! So want them to win!

I personally think their own style what they choose is better than their wardrobe on the live shows! X Factor really need to fire this years' stylist to be honest, bring Grace back!xx

Unknown said...

I think little mix are the best on x factor. The girl with bright hair, in the bottom left pic looks to have the Joe Browns leggings everyone was loving at the event in August.... wish I'd ordered them now!!

Charlotte xxx

Lauren Ashleigh said...

Xtra factors Caroline Flack is seriously rocking it too i think!

Anonymous said...

oooh I totally love their style!! I don't watch the XFactor but I am going to look into them some more!

XO Sahra

Ellen Atlanta said...

Love Little Mix!! It'd be awesome for a group and Tulisa to win this year!! <3

Ellen xx

stereospecs said...

sincs The Risk are out, i'm all for Little Mix to win this year! I loved their rendition of E.T. and their whole appearance really seperates them from the 'girlband' image :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Chelsea Jade said...

I agree, I love their style :)

Winnie said...

Their style is quite adorable. Still not sure who is going to win X Factor this year though!

Anonymous said...

they are SO cute!

kirbyat said...

I love Little Mix and they all have fabulous dress sense!! xx

Schnappy said...

Cool post!:)

Unknown said...

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