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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I think UGG Boots won't go out of fashion for many years to come, especially their traditional short classic UGG boots. I'm not a huge fan of the newer ranges of UGG boots but you can't go wrong with a classic pair!
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UGG boots have been seen as the 'affordable' designer shoe and have been seen on a LOT of celebrities including Jennifer Anniston, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie & Eva Longoria just show how high demand UGG Boots are.
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But the question is why wear them again this winter?
They are comfy they are made to look stylish and the boots are designed to look fashionable and to be worm when there is snow or ice on the ground, or when the temperature is below freezing.

I really like the chesnut brown pair and think they are absolutely perfect for A/W and even S/S if you're in England and it's raining (as usual!) I keep meaning to save and buy a pair but at about £150 it's a hefty price tag!
Maybe this A/W I'll get round to buying a pair!

What do you think of UGG boots? Have you got a pair of UGG boots? How often do you wear yours?

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Chloe said...

I have a pair of emu boots which are the same as uggs. I wore them all last winter and would definitely recommend buying a pair of them or uggs xxx

AspirationsOfGlam said...

I promised myself some new bailey button uggs after working all summer. I got them yesturday and its love all over again! My old ones are nearly 3 years old and ready for the bin!
worthwhile investment!


The Style Box said...

I have a pair from Celtic Sheepskin and I love them! Can't wait to put them on again! UGGs are nice but I think they are over-priced.
My Celtic Sheepskin ones were £120 and are made in the UK and the quality is definitely equal to, if not better than, UGGs.
I just can't stand the dreadful Primark ones that lose their shape after a few wears!

fashionismyh2o said...

Uggs are the ultimate comfy shoe in the cold ha-ha love them on Nicole Richie :)


NenaTH said...

i love wearing uggs during the winter!, they just so comfy and warm, i have the chestnut brown ones and i love them <3

ronan said...

i want a pair of classic short uggs too! now that i work in office i think it'll happen soon haha :P although you can't really wear uggs when it rains because they'll get ruined so does it defeat the purpose...hmm? people seem to love them though and apparently they do last ages xxx

Jadinexo said...

I love uggs, the comfy and stylish for the winter. They are definitely worth the price! :)

Leya said...

beautiful! :)

AliceJones_x said...

sadly i have fake Ones! But still really soft! xx

Anonymous said...

I don't care what some stylist say I adore my UGGs and will wear them to death! Chestnuts are my faves ;)

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

The Young Mummy said...

Ive got two pairs (brown and black) and love them to bits. Feels like slippers on those cold uni mornings

Schnappy said...

Cool boots, I like black colour!:)

Lydia said...

I would love a pair of UGG boots! But, as you say they are pretty pricey! I adore the baby blue colour and the yellow UGG.

Some of my friends have some and they've told me that they are so comfy!

Lovely blog- as usual!

Lydia xxx

Dressing Up For Me said...

They do really look so comfy!

Rachella - said...

I love my chestnut mini Uggs! x

triandani rara ramadanti said...

cute ugg boots. really look so comfy :)

Unknown said...

I LOVEEE my uggs, so cosy in the winter and easy if you're in a 'cant be bothered' mood.

Becky said...

I have many pairs of UGGs but I find them SO impractical in canadian winters. In the Winter when the slushy snow/wet snow/dry snow...WHATEVER! is out, UGGs don't stand a chance in keeping my feet warm or dry :( It's so disappointing, but they're really only good in the Fall.

VICTORIA, victoria said...

i used to be so against the ugg boot, but they are SO damn comfortable that i could only resist for so long

A said...

i LOVE ugg boots!! but ive just moved from ireland to australia and here NO-ONE wears them outdoors. Its considered really chavy and they all wear them as slippers!!! xx

kristina792 said...

I think people should make more of an effort to look nice than just a pair of common slouchy uggs! sorry just my opinion! great blog by the way xx

Raquel C. said...

i love them too *
Nice blog =)

Unknown said...

I have a pair of tall beige UGG's and I think mine were about £90 in the end. It's worth checking out eBay, as there are loads of brand new ones, just be wary of the fakes, I did an extensive search before committing, looking for 'fake guides' with pictures and don't hesitate to ask the sellers for more info. They're definitely worth the money, they're so good you can wear them without socks/tights and your feet stay so toasty and you can roll them down to show the sheepskin fur for different looks. Plus, you can wear them in the rain/snow if you're careful, I have a suede spray and it works so well, the snow just kind of glides over haha. They are just really easy to shove on and go. Kinda wish I'd have gone for the chestnut colour though, even though I love my beige one's they're not really 'me' anymore...


I hate ugg boots! They're soo chavvy :( I'll definitely be getting some new Dr Martens or Chelsea boots for the Autumn/Winter! xx

mavisy said...

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Anonymous said...

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