College Fashion Week: Day 6+7

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I was really busy yesterday and by the time I tried to take blog photos, it was all horrible and rainy and it went dark about 15 minutes later! So day 6+7 are both in this post :)

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I decided to go for 7 days worth of looks as it's now day 7 and also this is just what I wear on a daily basis too. I like to alternate my clothes during the week (as you can see from the outfit photos) that some of the items I'm wearing are the same.

1. Top from £15 from - Ark Clothing, Scarf - £13 from River Island, Shorts - £28 and Leggings - £12 both from Topshop and Boots - £35 from Linzi Shoes

This is the sort of outfit you could put together in a matter of seconds. Teaming the cardigan with a black cardi, or just any cardigan infact will look perfect anyday of the week.

2. Rolling Stones T-shirt £20 from Sugar Bullets, American Flag Shorts - £28 from Topshop, Leggings from Topshop & Boots - £35 from Linzi Shoes.

This is for the more teenager side of me. A band t-shirt and some american flag shorts go perfect together! I'd team this look with a zip up hoody. I know Topshop have some awesome coloured ones in at the moment, but why not take a look at these Hearts & Bows zip up hoodies too.

3. Sweatshirt £35 from Truffle Shuffle, Shorts £28 and Leggings £12 from Topshop Boots - £35 from Linzi Shoes.

I genuinely believe every girl needs this sweatshirt in their wardrobe. Anyone remember hit American TV Show Saved by the bell?! Love love love it. This sweatshirt is exactly like the one Kelly Kapowski wore on the show (she was my fave character!)

4. Cardigan £22.99 from Heats & Bows, Sleeveless Blouse and Shorts from Topshop, Tights from Primark £1 and Brogues £20 from So You Shoes.

This is a typical 'vintage' inspired look I like to go for from time to time. Who can resist a chunky knit cardigan and a pair of patterned tights?!

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5. Rolling Stones T-shirt £20 from Sugar Bullets, Jeans £38 from Topshop and brogues £20 from So You Shoes.

Yes all you readers look at this outfit photo will think I'm mad... yes I'm WEARING JEANS! I never thought this day would happen anytime soon but it has. I went shopping with my friend Beth the other day and she said I should try on a pair. So we went into Topshop, I tried on what felt like 10 pair of jeans and I came across this pair. They have a more 'jegging' feel to them and they don't make my legs look big so I love them! :)

6. Cardigan £22.99 from Hearts & Bows, Jeans £38 from Topshop, Top £7.99 from New Look & Brogues £20 from So You Shoes.

I'm wearing this cardigan a lot now. It's so versatile and perfect for the horrible weather right now here in England!

7. Top £8 from Select, Shorts £28 from Topshop and tights £1 from Primark, Brogues £20 from So You Shoes.

This top has been my most recent purchase and It's very wearable anytime of year so for £8 it was a bargain. I loved how good it looks with shorts and i've also been wearing it with jeans too!

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Well sadly that's another themed week on Fashion-Train come to an end. I've really liked doing weeks like this so if you have any suggests for another one, feel free to tweet me email me etc. I think this weeks post has shown you don't need a huge amount of money in the bank to look fashionable each day of Sixth Form/Uni/College. You can see I wear items more than once it's just about being able to mix and match!

Which is your favourite outfit this week? Which is your favourite outfit in this post?

p.s giveaway winners for all recent comps will be announced on Thursday!

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Cherry said...

I really love all of these outfits!


i have the saved by the bell sweater! soo comfy! i love the rolling stones vest and america shorts together :)

HOLLY said...

I love that cardigan so much you've made me order the green one! Love your style <3

Wendy Lu said...

Girl these are all SO CUTE! I love the shorts that have the American flag painted on them hehe. I also really like the blue shirt with white polka-dots and your rolling stones tank top. Love how mixed and matched your outfits!


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Just loving that scarf on you!

Hannah said...

love it all!x

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the 3rd and the 5th outfit on the last photo, it's nice that u have such an imagination for outfits!

greets & best wishes :)

AliceJones_x said...

I love the tights!

Ria said...

Really loved this feature :)
It's so great how you've mixed and matched all the clothes, especially loving Looks #1 and #4 xoxo

Kirsty said...

I love them all, fab collection of outfits x

Nadia said...

Cool tights! (-:

Nadia, XOXO

Loretta said...

I love your american shorts!xx

milano said...

I love the shorts that have the American flag painted on them... I like the variety of post work! Good Luck to all and Happy Snapping!
hostess a milano

Laura said...

I love the american flag t-shirts. I'd buy them too,but here in Germany we don't have Topshop and shipping is too expensive :/

Unknown said...

you have great fashion sense and color coordination skills. My wife would love these outfits.
plus size evening wear

Toks said...

Great outfits! I'm loving the shorts with tights look! :D

Schnappy said...

I like your Rolling Stones T-shirt and Tiger pulover!:)

Charlotte said...

great outfits!

Serendipity Style Blog

jennifer said...

absolutely fell in love with the little black Linzi boots! looking gorgeous on all these photos!xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca I just wanted to say that those clothes are perfect and are made just for you 'cause you looks so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection
LOVE the your site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

OMR said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection

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