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Saturday, September 03, 2011

So it's September, how time flies. I planned to write a post yesterday but I didn't get round to it. I still remember New Years Eve like it was yesterday and to think we are now 9 months in to 2011 is a bit scary, but what a year it's been! I'm planning on some 'college fashion posts' again which is exciting so keep your eyes peeled :)

Everyone needs some words of motivation every now and again. I was so happy when I came across these gorgeous bracelets which are handmade from Bekl Motivation Bracelets and at £2.99 its a price everyone can afford to add one to their accessories collection.

Bekl Motivation Bracelets, Fashion-train

mine says 'Someone is only special if you tell them'. I think it's great how you can order a bracelet off the site and what it says could be any sort of quote but then it really makes you think. Like with mine I think I need to tell the people who are special in my life that they are special. I suppose if you believe in fate and that sort of thing these bracelets are the sort of thing for you!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I'm all for handmade items and I am so glad I have one of these bracelets, it's been a good festival staple as when your at festivals (if your like me) you somehow end up without about 10 bracelets on?!
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What do you think of Bekl Motivation Bracelets? You can follow them on twitter @beklbracelets

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Wendy Lu said...

I love these bracelets, Becca! I'm really big on quotes and inspirational messages so these bracelets are right up my alley. Wish I could get one here in America. :)


Jessamyn Read said...

Very beautiful, you could even open up a little shop and sell similar things! That would be so cute xx

C said...

What a cute concept! And I'm a sucker for handwritten notes =)

Unknown said...

Hi guys, just to let you know you can order them in America, just go to the site and order from there. You can add your own quote and just check your address is correct when you pay!

Thanks :)

Hannah said...

aww they are a realy good idea!xo

Anonymous said...

wow! that is such a touching and beautiful idea! just wow, i want to meet the person who made them up.
Loving and following your blog as always!!!
pleaseplease do follow back if you like my blog :)
Bex X

Cherry said...

This is a great idea!

AspirationsOfGlam said...

So unbelivably cute! What a lovely little message with it as well!

Lydia said...

I think those handmade bracelets are amazing! It's definitely my thing. Like you, I love anything handmade too! I just think its interesting how you order the bracelet and it could say absolutely anything! Yeah, I think they're really cool :-) xx

Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

Aww, those are lovely! xx

Abby-Lee said...

ah these are cute :) xxx

Julia Henderson said...

Oh this is so lovely! I love the little note that came with it :)) Hope you had a good day! xxx

Anonymous said...

that's so cute!!
thanks for the comment on my blog!

Francesca said...

those bands are really neat. things like that can really cheer you up sometimes. xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Bethany Heron said...

Oh it's lovely! :) Love your blog! xx

Lisa said...

Great idea xx

M said...

i like these!
very cute!
hook me up with one!!
love them! really!!


M said...

i like these!
very cute!
hook me up with one!!
love them! really!!


L'marie said...

this is adorable!

mia said...

I love these! Such a great idea and would make a great gift!


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments re the bracelets, an excellent blog too by Becca! If your interested you can order through our website

We can send bracelets to Europe and the US also, and you can either choose your own quote (free of charge) or we can suprise you!

Lots of different colours and styles available too! If you have any queries feel free to tweet me @beklbracelets


Boutique 73 said...

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ChloƩ and Beth said...

that is absolutley adorable! Definitely gonna see what other ones are available

ER-Nails said...

That's a cute bracelet, perhaps good for gifts to people as well:)

Paige Rhianne said...

These are a lovely idea! Very sweet i love whats wrote on them. And thankyou for your comment yes you blog is very lovely!! xx

Patricia said...

I'm so gonna get one!

Anonymous said...

I just started my own blogspot and I would be so happy if you have a look at it or give me some tips on how to use it and write good posts :) your blog is so amazing and I think i will buy one of those bracelets!

Andrea said...

such a lovely idea :)

Anonymous said...

ery nice pictures! I love thats
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

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