Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm pretty excited for this competition on my blog, it's probably the best one i've been asked to host so far and H.Samuel who are now stocking the full range of Guess watches in stores and online, having only previously sold a limited collection are celebrating by letting Fashion-Train readers a chance to win this gorgeous GUESS watch! worth £129!
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This watch is from the GUESS Mini Spectrum Collection and the glossy dial enhances the matte and durable polycarbonate bracelet making it the perfect accessory for every GUESS girl to be stunningly sophisticated yet unanimously on trend for summer.
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Whether you choose the clean opaque white, bold black, pearlised tan, or pastel pink, the new GUESS Mini Spectrum’s lack of fussy details gives a functional, utilitarian flavour to the new Summer 2011 GUESS watch collection available at H.Samuel.
a bit of background info about GUESS
Guess Watches launched its collection in 1983 with a line of men’s and women’s fashion timepieces. Guess watches appeal to young fashion driven consumers around the world and they have a wide range of styles both for men and women. The typical Guess customer is young, sexy, and adventurous and incorporates the watches as part of their accessory wardrobe. famous faces which have appeared in the campaigns and clients include Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Anna Nicole Smith, Drew Barrymore, Laetitia Casta, Valeria Mazza.

So now you're thinking how do I win this gorgeous watch?
You can enter this competition three ways.

1. tweet 'follow @fashiontrain & @hsamueljeweller for a chance to win a GUESS watch'
2. follow fashion-train via google reader.
3. Comment on this blog post with your email and why you would like to win this watch.

This competition is open to UK readers only and finishes on the 9th September 2011

Also, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Guess range available at H.Samuel.


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Anonymous said...

I'm following fashiontrain via google reader.

I'd also like to say..
The reason I'd love to have this watch is because I've never actually worn watches..and only recently had I decided that it would be nice to have one, however I'm struggling to find one -.. as I have little money. This watch is perfect, and exactly what I'm looking for, so to be able to get this for free would be both ideal and also be my perfect first watch.

Bex x

See said...

Following 'Fashion-Train' and Tweeted :)

The reason why I would like to win this amazing Guess watch is because I've had my eyes on loads of white watches for a while and this one is perfect.
It's my birthday today and would be a great gift to win :). Also as I'm always running late to work, going out etc.. hopefully this lovely Guess watch could get me on time to places.


AspirationsOfGlam said...

I have met all the requirements :)

The reason id love to win the watch is I have been lusting after it for so long! It is my 22nd birthday on 17th Sept and along with being very depressed about turning 22. (I want to be 21 forever!) My parents have arranged to have a dinner party for their friends on my actual birthday. Therefore guests are not welcome round for my birthday! :( I am very down in the dumps about the whole thing and a huge pick me up like this would put a huge smile on my face!

Also the only ever competition Ive ever won in my life was a "design a germ that would rott your teeth" competition...I won a sponge and soap btw! (age 7)


Oh My Style said...

I would love to win this watch because its simply fabulous!! I only own one watch and its getting old. it would really cheer me up, now summers practically over!!

Olivia Danielle said...

I would love to win the guess watch! , I have never in my life worn watches other then a spongebob one when I was 7. So I think a really classy watch like the guess one would be a great improvement to the spongebob one. If I won the watch I would wear it everyday, it would never be taken off ever its too beautiful to not be seen in.
I hope I become lucky enough to win it, and I would probably not be late to everything, like I am at the moment.

Thank you :D <3


courtneymatthiesen said...

Hey Becca :)
The reason I would like to win this amazing watch is because I never find the right watch, and this one looks so hot!! It's perfect for day time and night time events!! It's such a pretty watch and I would love to win it! I check your blog like everyday and I've shown your blog to a few of my friends and when I came across the competition I thought WOAH need to enter!! Really hope I win would be faaaab!! Thanks so much babe x Love courtney.

softkiss51 said...

This watch is beautiful and I would love to win it! It would look amazing with most outfits and as I don't have a watch, this would be one I'd love to own! Gorgeous!
Tweeted your Giveaway @sweet_Kat30
Following your blog Katherine De Riera

Lottie said...

I've done all of the things required.. now just to tell you why!!

I would love to win the white watch. For so long I have been wanting to get my hands on a lovely white watch and this one looks perfect!
I never used to be a watch person but I am 100% sure I'd where this EVERYDAY!!!

Lottie :)

:-) said...

Hello Becca,

I love how watches are all different and that so many designs and possibilities can be created from them. I’m not such a picky person when it comes to clothing and accessories but I do love all things glamorous.
The reason why I think I should win this watch is because I am the type of girl who looks at her watch every five minutes to check the time and always being punctual and organised. But for the past few months I’ve lost possession of one. I’ve been in search for a brand new watch that will suit my style and appearance, but never seem to find the most ideal one for me. Due to the fact that I am now officially desperate for a watch, I would really want to win this watch.
That is why I yearn so much for this specific watch. If I was given the chance to claim this watch for myself, I would be extremely overwhelmed and grateful for the great occasion.
It’s not often that I see a watch that I fall in love with at first sight. But this was an exception. The other watches I own were either free bonuses from magazines or cheap unsophisticated ones you can find at the $2 shop.Thank you for this great deal♥

Kind Regards,
Valerie :-)

Lowri said...


I would love to win this watch because it is gorgeous and I don't have a watch. I want something that I can wear with both gold and silver jewellery and something smart and sophisticated. I think this watch is perfect! Also I'm always late so if I had a watch I may actually be on time!


Hannah. said...

Hiyaaaa :)
Such a fabby giveaway, way too generous!!!!

I'd love to win this watch because I don't tend to wear a watch as, quick frankly, I find most of them very ugly! However, that means I'm always stuck rushing through my hand-bag trying to find my phone to tell me the time. If I won this watch, I'd be able to show it off as my first very PRETTY watch and it'd be always handy to just quickly look at the time and stop me being late EVERYWHERE!!!!

thank you :)
GFC - hannah.
Email -

Julia Henderson said...

my email is

I would love to win this watch as I haven't owned one in a long time, since I was very little! This watch is just so simple and elegant that I would love to wear as sometimes I find watches too chunky for my slim wrists. I'm always trying to be organised and am constantly looking at the time on my phone which is a pain unless I carry it around in my hand all the time. I would love to wear it every day and show off to my friends haha.


Cherry said...

I'd love to win this watch because I haven't worn one for years and haven't been able to find one I like. I never considered a white watch before and I love the simple sophisticated style of it, very me!

Am following and have tweeted:!/Cherryp13/status/109195646665359360

Unknown said...

I love this watch collection, its absolutely gorgeous!! I dont actually have a black watch and this one is perfect for me :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have tweeted and I follow via GFC :)
I would love to win this watch as I have been wanting a new watch for a while and this is gorgeous!
Also the contest ends on the 9th September which is my 21st birthday! :)

Imogen Heard said...

So I would love to win this gorgous guess watch because i am always running late and can never keep track of time and seem to never be early or on time, the last time i was early was when i was born 7 weeks premature and that was over a decade ago! And what better way to keep track of time with a beaut white guess watch from my favourite fashion blog, i have also be lusting after a guess watch for years but never managed to pick one up for myself.
Thankyou for reading and conidering me love immmy xx

email -

RosieMayEvelyn said...

Heyy becca,
I am following your rather amazing blog...
I would like to win the gorgeous h. Samuel watch because I think I fulfill the criteria of an h. Samuel watch wearer. Sadly, I broke my lovely octopus watch a month or so ago and haven't yet found a replacement - until I read this post that is!
My email is:-
(Thank you for doing this competition!) Xxx

Unknown said...

The reason I love these watches: they are ideal for every day, and can easily dress up aoutfit, casual and classy. Guess quality is also GREAT!

TheFashionGirl said...

I am following on Blogger Reader :)

I would LOVE to win this GUESS watch as I've been looking for a new watch for a while. I'm late absolutely everywhere and I think this watch will definitely change that! It would most definitely make my year, and would be my main piece of armwear! :)

- TheFashionGirl xox

hazel38 said...

i would like to win the watch as it's not just any watch but a super stylish,sexy,elegant,pretty one.Invited all my friends to do all 3 steps as i have x

Anonymous said...

I would like to win this watch because I'm in dire need of a new one plus these are just my style

MarshmalloHeaven said...

I have met all of the requirements =D
I would LOVE to win the guess watch because I don't currently have a watch and being a teenager earning minimum wage, £3.65 an hour (just over £16 a week :/ ), I can't imagine being able to afford one very soon! I also love the style of the watch and the white colour looks amazing!!
and yes i do live in the UK =)
email -

Anonymous said...

I follow you and H.Samuel on twitter and I tweeted :).. I also follow you on GFC!
I'd absolutely LOVE to win this watch because I have a watch from Lipsy that is a tiny bit similar to this one but unfortunately it no longer closes, it keeps opening up :(! And I loved it while I was able to use it, that's why winning this watch would be incredible :D plus these kind of watches look gorgeous with all kinds of outfits, I love them!

My email is:

:) xx

Jenna Suth said...

This is such an amazing giveaway and i'd love to win it. I don't have a nice watch to wear but as a trainee teacher a watch is very much necessary. I normally just use my phone for the time but I need a watch for in the classroom for keeping track of lessons, lunchtime and home time :)

My tweet!/JennaSuth24/status/109917202077069313


Molly ♥ said...

I would love to win this GORGEOUS watch because, well, it is stunning. My friend got one for her birthday and I've had my eye on one for myself ever since!
My email is:

xo Molly @ style-muncher

Sarah Anguish said...

Following you via GFC & Google Reader

These watches are gorgeous, I don't own a watch and annoy anyone I'm out with by always asking what time it is

Twitter: @littleboo_21

Stacey Kay said...

I would LOVE to win this watch because I totally want to stack it with a ton of bracelets! I'm so into that look right now its ridiculous and this would be the perfect piece!

Goodwill Huntingg

hannahmdy said...

I follow via GFC and twitter and have tweeted :-)

I'd like to win this fab watch simply because it's spectacular and I don't have anything that comes close to this stunning piece of wrist bling :-)


Scarlett London said...

Hey, I'd love to win the watch because not only do I love Guess, but my last watch has been eaten (well slobbered over and now it's stopped working) by my younger sister, who took a liking to it. I got the watch for my birthday last year, its nearly my birthday - so it would be a fab birthday pressie to make up for the one that's now a slobbery mess!
Loving this competition it's fab!

indecisive_1 said...

Hi Becca :) I have done all of the above! I would love to win this watch as it is fab! I have had my eye on this style for a while but its a little out of my price range. It is perfect to go with any outfit! :) xx

Violet said...

love the gold and black watches! good luck to those entering!

Vi from Cali

Unknown said...

Hey hun, I'm following you and H Samuel on twitter (@CharlCollection) I've also re-ttweeted your tweet. I'm also following on GFC.

I'd love to win a GUESS watch mainly because it's because they are so pretty and retro looking... but also because I don't own a watch! Sad face...

Fingers crossed! :)

Chapter Eight said...

i love the latest post. and i love guess watches. Keep up the good work :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, listen, I'm pretty new on this blogosphere and Internet thing, so I don't know if there's a sort of "subscription" method that I can use 3tabs in order to receive notifications of your new entries...? Thing is I enjoy reading your blog a lot and I'd like to be up to date with your posts!

Anonymous said...

ery nice pictures! I love thats
Thank you

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Helen P. Ellingson said...

really want to win a guess watch,they are so beautiful.

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