Cher Lloyd, Swagger Jagger Disaster

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Cher Lloyd first hit our tv screens in the summer of 2010, there was a huge buzz around for her and everybody loved her cover of Keri Hilson's 'turn ma swag on' due to her unusual use of song choice and how she was dressed and the faces she pulled whilst singing got a lot of attention. She soon became the favourite to go through to the finals, but every since she's got into the finals she's had a lot of bad press.
I used to quite like her but now I think that the sudden fame has got to her. I admire her for what she's doing and trying to start her career at such a young age and before the finals of x-factor I thought her style was unique and different, but looking at photos of her now, I just think she's a lost girl trying to find herself and being someone she's not. I look at these photos and think is she really going out like that?!
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With a wide range of outfits she's experimenting with fashion and I think in the first look she doesn't look too bad, she looks quirky and following the 'vintage' trend. But with her 'rap' music that sort of dress sense really doesn't suit her.
With the release of new single 'Swagger Jagger' we're yet to await a video and to see her outfits in that, will she go back to the trainers and tracksuit bottoms? or will she continue to make fashion mistake after fashion mistake?

You can listen to her new single 'Swagger Jagger' here:

I think she could save herself and her career if she goes back to her roots to how she dressed at the start of x-factor when we saw her at the auditions. She can sing so I hope she'll do well.
What's your opinion on Cher Lloyd? Love her or hate her?

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Katie said...

I couldn't say i hate her that's silly, as i don't know her. yeah she can sing.

who ever has been dressing her needs sacking, and if she's dressing herself she better get to a mental asylum!

As for her new song, i heard this on radio 1 one morning and thought it was a joke! i didn't realise this was an actual single she was releasing. she should be embarrassed of the song and the clothing! maybe crawl in a hole and don't climb out till the shame has gone.

She's a very attractive girl but the red hair is horrible!, the worst outfit by fart is the 3rd one, the second outfit actually isn't bad, lace is in and bright bold colurs are too ! also the first image with the peter pan collar shirt is also acceptable! some lovely pieces just not placed together well in my opinion :) <3

P.s love your blog , hope you'll follow me thanks

. said...

I liked her at her audition. That was it. After her claiming that she wrote that Coldplay song I was just like no. She tries just way too hard and she's so full of herself.

ruby said...

I'm definitely not a "lover"... but one can't hate on her for experimenting with fashion, because at least she is!

Unknown said...

Hahaha, i love this post. I hate Cher. Although i think on those photo's she has nice items of clothing, just not put together like that! x

Oh my Dior! said...

her hair is awesome really red!

Hannah said...

aw i love cher! i do think she was at her best during her first audition and it would e nice if she returned to being that way but i think she still looks and sounds good now too :) Hannah xo


Ria said...

I really loved her when she auditioned and I even thought she'd win that year.
But like you said it seems like she's trying too hard. Being quirky and off beat is fine if you're Gaga or Katy Perry but it just doesn't suit Cher.

Would've loved to have seen her go more in the Keri Hilson route with a more sophisticated style/musical direction. Or even in the Missy Elliot route with rapping.
The single's disappointing too considering how much I rooted for her at the start. I hope she sees the light xoxo

Cherry said...

Oh yuck yuck yuck and double yuck for her song!

Anonymous said...

errrm ive never really been a fan, i tihnk she tries to be all 'original' and 'unique' - but we've all seen how much she copies cheryl! the BRIGHT red hair looks a mess in my opinion :P and the songs ruuubish.
but hey ho...?! great post :) xx

VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

I really liked Cher when she was on xfactor but this song is awful! As far as her clothing is concerned I think she wears too many clothes at once - she definitely needs to simplify her style.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I really do not like her & I cant stand her new song. She's trying to be unique but all i can see is her copying others (cheryl). Also on the radio today it said she calls her fans brats because she too is a brat, that isnt something i would want to be associated with!

Anonymous said...

urgh, I can't stand her. She's trying to be a mini Cheryl!!!!
I can't stand her music, too! The only decent song she did on X Factor was "Stay"!

Zaina said...

Completely agree with you. She's such a fail, i wanted to blog about this too. might be my next post :)

Anonymous said...

personally I think she's awful, and her song is EVEN worse (if that's possible)
I'm not someone that hates someone for no reason but she doesn't seem like a nice person at all and she's my age and she's NOT someone I'd want to be friends with. I think she thinks a little much of herself.

Jamilah X

Lydia said...

I really loved her audition and i want her to do soo well. But i dont think it'll be for a while if she's heading down the direction she's going. Her "stylist" needs sacking and she needs to spend more than half an hour in the stuido. That swagger jagger song is a mess - she needs to take tips from beyonce's new album.

Rachael x said...

Omg lol she looks awful! X

Anonymous said...

wow, I dont like the song at all. I really liked her at the start as well. x

Anonymous said...

here in the US I'd never heard of her. I like the outfit all the way to the right, she's got a cute smirk on. You're totally right that the vintage-esque ensemble totalllly doesn't fit what she's going for.

XO Sahra

Unknown said...

Heaven bless her....she really needs help!
I used to love her on XFactor but now.....? Not so much


Unknown said...

She looks pretty in the first picture, the second one is cute, but very commercial. I personally didn't like or hate her music, and to say the truth, this is my first time seeing her ANYWHERE! I must be out of it, but, you know that when you're famous, you can wear MEAT & people will like it. BLAH!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

OMR said...

Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

Unknown said...

i <3 Cher she is the best

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