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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I felt the need to fit in another blog post! (yay!)
Well as my regular readers know i'm a shorts addict, I have far too many pairs and I keep on buying more, kind of like a short addiction?
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My latest purchase of shorts comes from Desire Clothing! - many people as I've noticed through my twitter followers have no idea who the company are! I've known about them for about a year now, and if i'd like a bargain which is good quality and very fashionable i go to Desire Clothing! My favourite purchase is a bodycon black skirt, worn it faaar too much! But yes you need to take a look for yourselves and see!
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I'm wearing a Topshop scalloped vest top, and red belted tailored shorts from Desire Clothing!
These shorts are long and high waisted so they are perfect for the UK climate right now! i'd wear mine with black opaques, brogues or ankle boots. If I was going out i'd wear the shorts with black peep toe wedges & an aviator/black leather jacket!
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One thing I do really like about Desire Clothing is their fab collection of Women's Shorts and how they are all under £25!

But yes i'm loving my cord shorts right now, how they are so bold and contrasting yet they go with so much! What do you think of cord shorts? Would you wear red shorts?

Desire Clothing have been so lovely to set up a discount code for all you lovely readers! If you want to make a purchase, once at the checkout enter: fashiontrain for 10% off (yay!)

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Indigo said...

I love bright colour bottoms at the moment! But i will have to check this new site out! XX

Jardin de la Mode said...

Gorgeous! I really love these shorts!
You look so pretty!

Nicola said...

Love these shorts! They look great x

Just Another Shopaholic said...

The shorts look great!!

Preity lama Tamang said...

aww this is adorable! love ur top~!!

Anonymous said...

I havent worn courdoroy anything in years. Its on my wish list for this season!!

Super cute!

Wendy Lu said...

I have kind of fallen in love with those shorts of yours. <3 Trade me for my awesome jeans? Just kidding. :P

Ahhh you are wearing that necklace! That's probably my favorite piece of jewelry of yours, however creepy that sounds haha.


✗✗ said...

So cute!! I love this outfit!!

kay eh tea ei. said...

love bright colours, I have some teal coloured shorts from yayer in one of my posts that you will love! desire clothing is good, me likes :)

LoveE ♥ said...

Aw don't you look gorgeous! Love those shorts, and who cares if you're a shorts addict?! Shorts are awesome!!!

Check out my blog, I gave you a blogger award! :)

Sasha said...

Great styling, dear! Looks good all together! I also love the green version of the shirt!
Thanks for the comment!


Safia said...

Hey BECCA !! Thanks for your sweetest comment !
I have changed my blog im here now : :) you can subscribe or add me to your Blog roll !!

Kiiiisses from... MOROCCO

The Cat Hag said...

Love your cute scallop top!!

Saw it on the Topshop website but din think much of it till I saw you in it. ♥

The Cat Hag

Unknown said...

Loving red this season and these shorts are just such likey!!

Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!

My Fashion Bug said...

you are so cute!!!


ps. thanks for your lovely comment!

julianne. said...

you look so amazing in this outfit girlfriend.
you're too pretty and chic.<3

YinGSaran said...

nice short pants

loveandfashion said...

thanks for your comment !
love your outfit :)


Anonymous said...

i want this red shorts *_* *_*

Funmi Stewart said...

Love the shorts, and that top looks perfect with them!
Thanks for the comment :) xo

Torieee. said...

Love the shorts, and the top is very cute :) x

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit! Thank you for your comment! :)x

Dona said...

The shorts look lovely on you :) following you xx

LillianZahra said...

I've been very tempted by this top a couple of times - may have to buy it! Looks fab with the red shorts. x

Cinja said...

hey you :)
thanks for stopping by. you're so cute!!

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

Hi doll,
thanks for the comment and visiting my blog. Hope you'll be following along from now on for more fashion fun :)

I absolute adore these shorts - they are the perfect color at a killer price. You totally got a good steal with these. Wish I could see the length, though!


Unknown said...

OOh I don't think I have heard of desire before, we have a shop in town called desire but I think it must be a different company! Those shorts are lovely such a nice colour and fit :)
Thanks for my comment!
Rachelle xxx

Jessica said...

Cute outfit.

M said...

diggin the structure of the bottoms! chic!


Stevia said...

i prefer my denim shorts!
they never go out of style..
and high waisted shorts lately ;)

red shorts hmm..
i never say never!


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful, the red trousers are so vibrant! Lovely. I love your striped tee in your previous post also :)

jazzyphizz said...

Yay a coupon code! Desire Clothing has so much great stuff!

Roxy Heart said...

Great photos! Love your outfit!
The red shorts look perfect with that top!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

I love the colors in this outfit, the red is lovely! you look so cute. xo

Hannah said...

I love the colour of them! I only came across Desire Clothing because you'd mentioned the site on your blog once, and I really like it:) You look lovely Becca:)xxxx

maphi bayolo said...

i love the red pair !!! it looks amazing and you wore it well xoxo

Ora_Adzlin said...

love the polkadot-top!
nice blog to!
greeting from Malaysia :)

Koerdia said...

Red looks good on you! :)

UyenCao said...

Ahhh adorable ! i love the pop of a bright color.

UyenCao said...

Ahhh adorable ! i love the pop of a bright color.

Anonymous said...

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OMR said...

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