No7 Best Wink Competition & Mascara Review

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've never done a mascara review before, and I don't do many make-up reviews, but I had to review this mascara because it's simply AMAZING.
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Yes i'm talking about the No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara!
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my eyelashes are so much longer once using this mascara and the wand helps seperate the lashes really well no clumps!
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I absolutely adore this wand. It's perfect for applying Mascara and it's so unique too. I'm a girl who tries out every brand until it's perfect, I think i've found my future mascara now, bit out of the usual budget. BUT so worth it!

Also, No7 have launched a search for No7's Best Wink!

The STAR PRIZE of a No7 Exquisite Pampering Weekend, including a makeover by No7 make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge, will be awarded by our judges, with 9 goodie bags to win EACH WEEK. The competition closes on 15th Feb 2011.

So check out the facebook page for No7 now and upload your wink!

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

Glad you posted this!
I am going to try this mascara!

✗✗ said...

Ooo la la! It can be difficult to find the right mascara. I will have to give this a try the next time around.

Wida said...

You have lovely eyes :)

Missing Amsie Blog

Cherry said...

The wand looks similar to a few I own already and they all work very well for me, your eyelashes look great. I'm not sure I'd splash out on something too expensive!

Meagan said...

Your lashes do look super curled! Great find!

Pets34fashion said...

Ooo i do quite like no7 products i never used to but deffo starting to see why their so good!
i tagged you in a stylish blog award :)
if you want to see it check out my profile :

Radiant Make Up said...

ooh definately going to take a look at this :)
great post!! x

Hannah said...

looks goodxxx


Life At Victoria House said...

I was meant to be sent this, but it never turned up :(
Lovely post though! <3

Unknown said...

I've been using that mascara for 6months now and it absolutely gorgeous.
i usually mix it loreal million lashes mascara and you get a great great finish

Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

OMR said...

I've been using that mascara for 6months now and it absolutely gorgeous.

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