The Fashion Low-down: BRITT awards 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As probably every British person has done this evening, I sat with some friends and had some chocolate and watched the Britt awards! It's a big event in the tv calender, and everybody talks about it for weeks. (who was good live, who mimed, who looked amazing etc) and I couldn't help but analysing the celebrities outfits. I think that at these type of award ceremonies you either get it really wrong or really right!
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Eliza Doolittle: Her dress is gorgeous but I think she should have worn shoes to match the bag!
Paloma Faith: I don't like much of what Paloma wears, but I admire how unique she is!
Fearne Cotton: Is looking simple, yet stunning as usual as if she hasn't 'made an effort'
Alesha Dixon: looked so stunning, the dress looks amazing on her and she looks a million dollars!
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Avril Lavigne: I'm glad she's come back into the music industry and I quite like her new song, but I am not loving the green streaks in her hair is it wrongly dyed? Her dress looks amazing though!
Jo Wiley: I didn't believe this was Jo wiley at first, she looks so so so so stunning and looks so good in orange! Not many people can pull of bright orange...
Rihanna: What can I say?! She's look amazing and I think she's one of the most gorgeous women in industry today. I love how she manages to suit all hair colours and this dress is just simply stunning and looks as if it was made for her!
Cheryl Cole: What happened to the red hair? The dress is beautiful and she sure can pull of a dress with a slit without looking tarty!

What do you think of this years outfits? Who do you think looked the best on the red carpet?

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

These are some pretty amazing and wild looks!!

Andrea said...

avril looks fab!

The Science Fair said...

Avril's dress is pretty bad-ass, indeed! I also agree that her green streaks look a little "off." I'm really into the blue platforms shown in the first photo. Those are really neat!

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Laurren : )

Unknown said...

Avril looks stunning! I love her!
to me she's so much classier than the rest, but, to each their own, no?

Becky Jean said...

Cheryl Cole is gorgeous... i love the low back on this dress too. It could very much have come off tarty, but from the other pics i've seen she looks pretty amazing!


Unknown said...

Uff, unos estilismos un poco difíciles.


Fashion Gossip said...

Eliza!! I looove her shoes! M.

Anonymous said...

great post!

fearne, jo (whiley) and obvs Rihanna were my fave outfits.... Cheryl, put some more clothes on!!! (however Cheryl's amazing imo, and I do miss her red hair... Could l'oréal please give her a lifetime supply of hair dye...?!)


Gawgus things... said...

I agree, I thought Jo Whiley looked gorgeous. Not a fan of Cheryl's big tat that she has on her back and all of her dresses lately seem to be showing it off.. Enjoyed the show though!

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Jyoti said...

I love Cheryl Cole....wonderful & hottttt!

Indded! That was amazing event to see :)You have great blog Becca. Nice to meet u !

✗✗ said...

They all look so amazing!! If I had to chose I would say Alesha Dixon nailed it however Rihanna wins most creative with all those amazing colors!

Michaela said...

I think Eliza Doolittle's dress had a little purple tail, I think that's what that is at the side, I've seen it in a few pictures! I loved Rihanna's look the best, although I think Cheryl Cole looked great too!

M said...

whoa! some of these are crazy!!


Life At Victoria House said...

I thought fearne cotton looked the best by far, so simple and stunning. English beauty by far :) <3

Anonymous said...

fearne cotten looked amaze although i dislike her tattoos!

Maddy said...

Eliza Dolittle looks stunning! but I agree with you, I just love everything about Paloma Faith. And Jo Wiley looks so young! Beautiful too

Cherry said...

I'm quite disappointed in Fearne's outfit this year!

Hayley said...

Great post :)
Rihanna's performance was amazing, I love how she managed to pull off a bright red dress with bright red hair! Not sure anyone else could have done that.

Hannah said...

surprisingly i think alesha's got it bang on
don't really like rihanna's dress but she's seriously beautiful so who cares?!
and cheryl looks perfect as alwaysxxx



Alesha Dixon looks stunning. And I love what Rihanna is wearing. :)SArahD

SoaneHonor said...

I agree with you! Fearne looks absolutely fabulous. She always knows how to mix high street with designer stuff. Alesha looks beautiful, too.

Abby-Lee said...

Fearnes outfit is so good! xx

Laura said...

Jo Wiley looks amazing in tangerine! I didn't even realise it was her at first...she stands out to me most surprisingly.

Laura xx

Unknown said...

Love Alesha Dixon and Cheryl Cole's dresses the best but Rihanna's hair?? TO DIE FOR!! Thats sooooo the inspiration for my next look! :o

Xisses, Onyxsta

cosmo-junkie said...

I love what Fearnes wearing! Agreed Elizas shoes and bag shud of matched even though I loove herr :') xx

SoaneHonor said...

Me again!
I was wondering what you think of this BRITs outfit?


Anonymous said...

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This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

OMR said...

WOW! Will definately have to check out the Republic Blog - good going!

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