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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As my regular readers would know by now, I'm starting to shop more ethically and really for the same price as in the high-street shops, you can by a nice necklace like these from Aalicia.
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Both these necklaces have been hand-made using fairtrade cotton and vintage elements!
I really like both these necklaces as they are really unique in the fact they make perfect presents for your girl friends for birthdays, even christmas!
It comes in a gorgeous box too (box on the left in picture underneath)
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This A Wishbone Knitted Knot Necklace with Vintage Chain and it's perfect for those day time looks and goes with every outfit possible! I think this necklace would look stunning on a night out too, especially with an LBD!
And at only £16 and FREE DELIVERY what are you waiting for? You can buy it here.
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This necklace is very Autumn/Winter because of the small aqua green acorn, I think that if I wore it out it'd be worn with lots of other vintage necklaces for effect. It's absolutely gorgeous and really stands out and is only £14 eeek!
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