Military Boots on the Beach!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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I am on holiday right now, but i am still finding time to blog!
These photos are from a recent trip to the beach!
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military boots are from My 1st Wish and at £29.99 they have been a complete bargain!
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Jumper - Topshop, Leggings - H&M and military boots My 1st Wish
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and look what i drew in the sand!
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Do you like my boots? Do you like my jumper? What are you wearing this A/W?
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k said...

love the pics!! xox

Ruby said...

Love the boots and the jumper
btw is this beach in england? Its so pretty xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures!
And you have a great style!

Unknown said...

This goes together so well :)

Great Pictures Loving the last one ;)

QueenBee; xx
ive done a new post, think you might like it! x

Heather Cavanaugh said...

Love the photos!!! Esp the first one! Way adorable!!! Also loving the boots!

Isabel said...

these photos are beautiful :)

SoaneHonor said...

Gorgeous photos!
I like your boots beyond words, they're incredible, and the jumper, too.
And the writings in sand, :D.
I don't know yet what I'll be wearing, but I've got two great pair of vintag-y boots and socks, so I'll keep warm.


Jude said...

Love your boots but also love these gorgeous beach photos! :)

mytruedesires said...

I love the boots - i acually think my mum has the same pair! I can't really see the jumper but it looks great. I acually like wearing a long denim shirt over leggings. Btw, where do you make your collages etc. They're really awesome :)


I want to be there! Cool boots and enjoy your vacay. x

Unknown said...

Hihi, I love the last photo and your boots are amazing.

APieceOfCrap said...

Thank you sooo much for the comment sweetie! We're sorry for the late answer, busy with school and stuff..
And we'll update our blog very soon! we promise! :)

like the shoes!

Take a peek, again! our first blog :)

Hope you will enjoy it!

Best regards from Sweden!

Lee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Those boots are great! I hope you had fun at the beach :)


Wendy Lu said...

Hope you're having a fab holiday, Becca! I absolutely adore those boots...I totally want a pair like them!

Love your outfit but it looks a little too hot for the beach. xD

Awesome pics!


Haute World said...

Love those boots! Hope you're having a wonderful vacation. That beach looks lovely!

Cherry said...

Those are perfect for the beach, you won't get any sand in them. That really annoys me, haha.

Violet said...

lovely pictures and even lovelier boots

Vi from Cali

Funkydoris said...

I love the boots! And the pictures are great as well :)

K A T H L E E N said...

those boots are super hot!
feel free to Follow me

Amelia said...

That writing on the sand is lovely... Af your blogging tips is great!!
Even though im not a fashion blogger, i'd post various things i like on ma blog. And since i am a woman, indeed i looove fashion and imma shoes whore :D
I'm following yours! Nice to meet ya,girl..

-Amelia []

Lydia & Marjolein said...

Lovely boots <3

stylestalker said...

great boots Becca. We love!

kellyyes said...

i am loving the military trend so of course i love the boots! cute find

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