Fashion Inspiration: Pixie Lott

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm off on holiday in a couple of hours and so this post is only quick! in the middle of getting lots of outfit posts instore for the next two weeks!
I thought i'd make a collage for my fashion icon, Pixie Lott!
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Don't you think she's gorgeous? Do you like her style? What do you think of what she wears?
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Maddy said...

She's absolutely stunning and I want her wardrobe!

Giselle said...

I love how fun your blog is.
Pixie Lott is so awesome..

Unknown said...

She is amazing. Love her style.

Vicki said...

mega jealous of her, she is insanely good looking!! :) x

* said...

She's amazing!
Your collage is so nice! =)

Anonymous said...

great choice! i love how easy she makes her style look, super effortless. :) xx

Abbie B-C said...

She has such a cute 'girl next door' look, which is so sweet and innocent., and then she wacks out the black eyeliner and brings an edge to her image. Which I love. She's so versatile. Her style's hot - as is she, and as is your blog!

xx A xx

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