Friday, September 10, 2010

Can you tell this post is inspired by Bridgette Bardot?!
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Tights from Cheeky
I've got a love for patterned tights right now. I am really liking these 'dolly' tights by red or dead at Cheeky! Each pair of tights in the collection is under £12!
Total Bargain!
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I've put the shorts on for you all to see the extra long detail at the top of the tights! (it's so pretty, you all have to get pairs!)
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Tights from Cheeky
I love how these tights, at the bottom look like socks. I love the patterns and the detail on them, and how these tights would look great with shorts, skirts & dresses!
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Tights from Cheeky
I'll be wearing these tights all through this winter, such a good change to the simple black opaques! do you have any patterned tights like this?

but anyway, back to Cheeky, they are a NEW online tights store. I go there for all my tights especially the Henry Holland ones! The tights are at such good prices to the high-street stores. So check out Cheeky to get a real bargain!

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Loving the hair. Great outfit, those tights are amazing! :)SarahD

xC-Ax said...

Those tights are very cool and you defo got to have the confidence to go with them!!


Wendy Lu said...

Pretty tights! I love your headband by the way! Very cute. :)


Unknown said...

i'm not actually one for patterned tights much but i seriously love these :D definitely gonna check out that site now xx

Vicki said...

you look fabulous my dear!! this is my fav outfit you've posted!!! Love the hairband and those tights!! :) xo

Laura said...

Cheeky Legs sounds like a super cool webshop. I totally love your tights with those shorts. =)

Hana Tralala said...

you look wondarful..i looks so feminine and perfect :)

Danielle said...

Those tights are wicked, I love Red or Dead tights, they're the best! :)

ediot said...

i love fun tights. off to check that one out- i love henry holland's tights so much !
cute headband darling
have a wonderful weekend


Jude said...

Cute indeed :) LOVE how they look w/your awesome shoes!

julianne. said...

hello super gorgeous girl,
i really love your outfit,
and i really want to wear it.<3

miss a said...

I love those info and love your look!!

Grace said...

Those shorts are so fun!

Love Grace.

pancakestacker said...

Thanks for stopping by :) As a lover of tights and leggings, I love to try out anywhere that can give me a good bargain on them. Thanks for sharing!

Lauraaa, said...

Great style! ^^

antonia said...


Adele said...

I absolutely love this! You look so great!!

Adele –

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

Wonderful cheeky legs .co. uk!

Follow me @

Siru said...

Thanks for your comment! Nice outfit!

juliet xxx

Lis-x- said...

These are amazing tights! How do you find all this cool stuff?? Haha


Off The Wardrobe

Isabel said...

i love the leopard print! :)

Isabel said...

i love the leopard print! :)

Sana said...

the print and design is too cool, this cheetah print has always been in fashion and no matter how much time passes, it will remain in, i got a dress in cheetah print last year from Annie's Online Store


your shorts , love love love! because i am obsessed with leopard prints for the moment

fashionismyh2o said...

I looooove the shorts haha :) x

My trendy blog said...

Ohhhh . I love this outfit !
That really cute !

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