Military Boots and White Lace Dresses

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Robena Military Boots in Brown - Linzi Shoes
As you know by now Fashion-Train is a HUGE fan of this seasons military boot trend. Every young woman in England has to have at least two pairs this winter to see you through!
Why are you buying the £16 versions in Primark then? Why don't you check out Linzi Shoes And see the fantastic collection of Military Boots they have to offer! They are so cheap too, all ranged between £25-£45, bargain for a pair of shoes which will see you through-out all of winter! And (let's put it this way, you can buy three pairs of boots from Linzi Shoes than the price of one pair of Military Boots from River Island!)

These boots have definetely stood the test of time, they have been worn all weekend to the 'V festival' by My sister and they still look in brand new condition. I've worn these out in the rain too, and my feet have kept so dry it's unbelievable. Now it's just the test of the snow but it's not snowing yet!

If you are looking for the perfect pair of Military Boots I would recommend Linzi Shoes as the delivery charges are cheap and arrive within 2 days, the shoes are such great value and your getting such good quality too, so check them out here at Linzi Shoes!

The second half of the post - White Lace Dress by Rise Fashion

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This dress looks like a simple plain white dress but it's incredibly Lace detailing really makes it 'one of a kind' and at £10 in the Rise Fashion sale how can you resist - dress, £10, Rise Fashion!

For only £10 you are really getting your money's worth with this dress. Reduced from £24, this dress is a bargain! This dress is perfect for Daywear and Nightwear and is now what I call in my wardrobe a 'wardrobe must-have'!

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Dress - Rise Fashion, socks - Topshop & Military Boots - Linzi Shoes
I think this little white vest dress would look gorgeous with leggings, bodycon skirts, and tights and so it's another multi-functional piece to add to my wardrobe!
What do you think? Do you have a little white vest dress? Do you love Military Boots?
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Isabel said...

i love the mix of sweet and edgy :)

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Emily said...

lust lust lusting the whole look! army boots and lace dresses are the best combo!

Woods said...

very cute i really love your boots i might get a pair!

Anonymous said...

The dress is SO cute

Mia Bbook

Anonymous said...

looove the boots :)

Unknown said...

Your dress is so cute.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

so so perfect. i'm searching for the perfect pair.


Michaela said...

I do like these kind of boots, but they do annoy me a little cos every girl England wears them so they all look the same.. but I love this dress it's beautiful! :)


That dress coompliments your body shape really well, lookin' good!

citylights said...

you look so good :)

Jess said...

so lovely outfit :)

Jess from TAIWAN.

Legolas said...

you´re making even military boots look cute! :P

ching said...

oh cool, you just gave me an awesome idea... which involves military shoes. but first, i have to buy it. hhmmmm

Wendy Lu said...

Gorgeous dress! I LOVE the lace detail, it makes the entire outfit look so elegant. And I like how the boots give the outfit an edgy look without looking outrageous. I probably would choose different socks though...maybe use leggings? Hmm...


Jude said...

Loving your military boot finds + that dress is awesome :)

wobblinbetty said...

i really love military boots and the way you have styled them with the little white dress is so WOW!!!

Alice's Wardrobe said...

Love those boots, they're amazing and they work so well with that dress.

A x

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

cute :D

daisy kate said...

Cute dress :) Looks so good with the boots to toughen it up.

Fashion Stereotype

Isquisofrenia said...

i really like the lace dress!

ediot said...

hi sweetie. thanks for sharing. im off to check out that giveaway. youre looking so cute in these photos. and i love those boots btw. so nice.
wish you a wonderful weekend (soon)

Claire said...

that dress is amazing! and double yes to military boots - can never have enough.


L'Amour et la Paix said...

I am OBSESSED with boots.. love the ones you posted! xo

Abigail Oliveros said...

great outfit!

and yes bungee jumping would be such an amazing experience. I also want to go sky diving but I don't think I'm brave enough to free fall like that.

with much love

Nayantara Sam said...

Nice dress! You're eyes are so big and pretty! I used to blog at FabBlab, but this is my new blog:

Please follow :D

Hanna said...

What a cute dress!
And I love the combination with the boots!
Very edgy!


Anonymous said...

Love the dress!

behindblueeyes said...

You look great!
I really like ur blog! - come follow me

Emilie said...

That dress is so pretty! Love how you styled it with boots and socks :)

Ana said...

This dress is amazing!!! and you look so magical in it;)

Lots of hugs

Sunters said...

I love military shoes !

Thank for your passage ;)

- Sunters -


omg im obsessed with military boots! i love these! you look so adorable!

Anonymous said...

i love it! i don't wear too much white actually, i'm really excited to rock a white men's dress shirt all fall though that my guy gave me :) and i love military boots but am personally more of a sexy-heel type of boot or cowboy boot personally :) xx

Anonymous said...

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