Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay this maybe the biggest shock ever to my followers which have followed me from the start of my blog last year, but ever since i was 11/12 i've not worn jeans. I've not liked jeans, I always thought they didn't suit me, until I saw this pair by Goi Goi @ Ark Clothing
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When I bought them and the mini skirt (will be shown in next post) and then they came the next day, I just had to take a picture of the wrapping, it was just far too pretty!
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I wore this outfit with my favourite pair of clogs by So You Shoes!
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These High-waisted hareem Goi Goi Jeans are perfect for summer! They are elasticated at the bottom and so they can be worn with some gorgeous gladiator sandals!
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Like these, shown in a previous post from Linzi Shoes for £15!
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Close up on the top of the jeans, I love how they are high waisted and stand out from any other normal pair of jeans!
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Close up on the buttons of the jeans which I love, I love how the jeans don't just have a simple zip as a fastening!
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I really like how interesting the back of the jeans are and love how they have a 'Goi Goi' label at the back, these jeans are really lovely for summer and I shall be wearing them all summer long!
Have you checked out Ark Clothing yet? well if you haven't you are really missing out, they've got one of the best SALES i've ever seen, so check them out for amazing fashion bargains at less than half price, I want everything in there sale especially the skirts, so check them out now!
What do you think of me wearing jeans? big YES or big NO?
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abmarie said...

I've always worn jeans. Leggings are sometimes too itchy for the weather here in my country. But I love 'em, and jeans are kinda the basic bottoms worn in school on special occasions. :P I love your jeans, so adorable!

Laura said...

I love how you wore jeans.Since I too am not a jeans wearer. But I have found that when I wear jeans that a trouser or very bell botttomy denim work best for me.I'm so glad you found the denim that works for you! You look really good in it & I can't wait to see the skirt! =)

Ale Arróyave said...

This jeans are really cool! I love them and they look perfect on you... for sure it is a big YES!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing with jeans

Not a Paper Cup said... jeans :)

I really love the high waist, and I love jeans with elastic at the can do so much more cool stuff with them! :)

Serina said...

of course it's a yes! Whatever you want to wear is really up to you!! :)

rachel said...

yes i love it! this is an adorable blog (:

anotherwomanbyrose said...

love the clogs!



Anonymous said...

great jeans!

mutianugrabita said...

I always wear jeans if I'm confused to decide what to wear. you looks good too if wearing jeans. wnna visit my page n exchange link? thankyou :)

daniela kate morosini said...

haha, we both hate trousers! i think you can rock it - but you can rock anything! hope you're good babe xx

Cherry said...

Great clogs!! I just bought some myself, I love them!

Alma ♡ said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! The jeans look good on you ,so its definatelly a big yes!


valeriewfreeman said...

I love these jeans! So classic and chic!
Beauty and the Budget

Anonymous said...

I haven't worn jeans for years either, but these almost make me want a pair, I love how they are slightly more quirky than 'normal' jeans, because of all the buttons :) love the clogs by the way <3 xxx

Unknown said...

Ok so its official, Your blog is my Favourite!
You just look amazing and the shoes have taken to my liking...

I want those jeans!
Hollie; xx

Kiki said...

i think jeans are fine.... :) you just have to pick something that looks great on you like this one! x I love the details on the waist.. and your clogs friggin rock! love it!

Adele said...

Jeans rule, I absolutely love jeans! Best invention! :D


Anonymous said...

I love wearing jeans, but maybe more in Winter. These high waisted jeans are so cute and really suit you and I love the clogs.

wobblinbetty said...

wrapping is pretty wonderful and you look great wearing jeans! Why, why why haven't you been wearing them before? :)

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit - you look great!

Anonymous said...

ahh! you're so sweet! I really appreciate that. and I love your jeans! you should wear them more often. I know I couldn't live without jeans. I'm pretty sure I wear them too much. and I agree. the wrapping makes me happy too. oh! and today I tried to dress like you. I felt proud cause I almost succeeded.

Imogen said...

I love your outfit, your top is beautiful and I think you look really good in jeans. I don't wear jeans very much and I generally prefer skirts and dresses. I can't believe you have gone so long without wear jeans. That is quite a record.

Emilie said...

I love jeans!
You look great!

Gillian said...

I love high-waisted jeans, and the colour of the denim is lovely! These jeans are a definite yes :)

noone said...

I think you look good in jeans, I've been trying to find a pair of high waisted jean shorts! btw love those sandals of yours too :D

Dressing Up For Me said...

I´m a jeans girl and so I´d say go for it! ;)

Christie said...

Love your necklace and sandals!

In Fashion and Style

Damsels said...

i like the idea of not having worn jeans in so long .. theres something realy interesting in that..i think im gonig to go for a few years without buying anymore jeans

Anonymous said...

ooh i may have to check it out! i too have not worn jeans for about 4/5 years now, and everytime i even think about it i just can't bear the idea of wearing them! xx

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