Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today with my school i went to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham!
I loved it a lot. The main show is my favourite, Presenters were Elle's very own style tester Louise Roe and Big Brother's little brother's George Lamb.
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pictured here at the start of the show. Louise's outfit was stunning. Nude heels and a blue playsuit. What's not to love?
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Then we heard music from up and coming British boyband, Vice.
Then the show began and it was spectacular. The dancers were amazing and the models clothes i loathed over. here are a few of my favourite snaps.
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Okay, I know what you are all thinking. What did she actually wear to Clothes Show Live? I wore this:
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Miss Selfridge puff sleeve top, Urban Outfitter lace panelled leggings, Black Skirt from Jennyfer, Vintage Red Scarf, Topshop Leaf Necklace, and of course my beautiful new Simple PEStoe boots!
Actually, do you remember them too?
Remember these beautiful shoes i was sent from the lovely Simple Shoes?
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But i only had one shoe? I have been united with my left shoe! So i wore my new boots to Clothes Show and i got a lot of compliments and they didn't believe me that the shoe was completly recycled!
do you like them? would you like the chance to win your own pair of Simple Shoes? Just like mine?
Then all you have to do is take of yourself with your feet up, ideally in unique, unusual places, and upload it to the Simple Shoes site here.
I even did it myself at Clothes Show but the picture is a bit blurry.
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I got a few odd looks for doing that, but you get the idea of the competition.
So now you are all thinking, hmm what are the chances of me winning a competition like this?
The more creative the entry the better, because once you’ve uploaded the picture, the daily winners will be determined by popular vote. I’ve attached a picture of myself putting my feet up as a bit of taster of what we’re looking for.
Simple Shoes are accepting entries now, and the giveaway will begin 12 days before Christmas Day. In keeping with the spirit of the song, they will have one winner on the first day, two on the second, three on the third and so on. So your chances of winning increase every day - we’ve got 78 pairs of shoes to give away!

Also I did make a few purchases from The Clothes Show, a dress and a top which will probably featured in a next outfit post, so watch out!


liana said...

wow! that looks like so much fun!!!
jealous jealous jealous.
cute outfit too.

Jazz Virtue said...

Awwh I'm so gutted I didn't get to go this year :( deadlines called at uni and couldn't make it down :(
but the photos are amazing, and I love your outfit :) xxx

Dylana Suarez said...

This looks amazing!

FashionJazz said...

oh Becca, this is so divine that you got to go : ) I collect the UK ELLE so I know Louise, she has stunning style and I luv all the trends she tests every month : ) You look gorgeous here too hun!! Hope u well Mwah xx

Life At Victoria House said...

Wish i had gone!! Too far for me though!!! :) Love the scarf though :) <3 said...

Love these shots!

Ruth @ xruthloves said...

Your blog is lovely!
Awwww, i was gonna go too, but never got round to it :'(
Do you know what were in the goody bags? I love free things, it was one of the main things that was tempting me ahahhaa

Love, Ruth @ xxx

electric feel said...

looks, like you had much fun!
love the pics!

Anonymous said...

I was there that day aswell! so much fun, but im so broke now haha! I chatted to Louise roe for a while, shes so so lovely! x

erika sorocco said...

Becca! I love your tights! You're too adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I cant believe your school took you the the Clothes Show!! God im gutted i couldnt go. Looked fantastic. Love the outfit.

Oh and i love George Lamb..


Cherry said...

I really enjoyed the Clothes Show, I had some different presenters from your show though, I didn't think Vice were any good, I've never even heard of them!

Is This Real Life? said...

cant believe your school took you there, that sounds like the best school ever!haha!
it looks like so much fun and your outfit is awesome too!

Carly said...

heyyy !
I love your blog !
I went to the clothes show too! wasnt the fashion show amazinnggg ?!
I am your newest follower :)
xoxo - carly

Tights Lover said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Louise looks stunning!

roxanne said...

lovely pics, haha i'm all about getting a few weird looks in the name of fashion..

sahara. said...

Ahhh wow that looked amazing. You're so lucky!
Love the scarf. And the whole outfit (:

Sahara xo.

Raquel said...

lucky girl, and cute outfit.

Pia said...

so much fun!!! louise's playsuit is so amazing.

and i love love love your shoes! they look so comfy! xx

Pia said...

so much fun!!! louise's playsuit is so amazing.

and i love love love your shoes! they look so comfy! xx

Unknown said...

Clothes show was AMAZING!!! :D

Unknown said...

Hey, did you manage to catch us ( at the clothes show this year?

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Hope you had lots of fun at the clothes show, you looked lovely ! x

flotsam & flummery said...

I was at clothes show live as well, and I thought it was amazing, my last post is filled with photographs. The show in the fashion theatre was absolutely breath taking x

Abbie B-C said...

It's nice to stumble on a blog written by a British teen blogger, like myself. I also went to the Clothes Show Live - NEC, on Sat 5th. I just adored the Fashion Theatre, it was incredible wasn't it! Your photo's are great, took my mind back to the show, can't wait to go again. I'll be following your blog, keep up the great work :)

Check mine out -

It's in it's early stages atm. :)

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OMR said...

love how you styled it

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