floral crop tops.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i would really love a floral crop top, i think there the next big trend.
does anyone else like them?
lushae jewellery has a competition you can enter here :)
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i love how you can layer the tops with plain white, grey tops and for it to look really nice. you can buy this for £25 from topshop.
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i love how this floral crop top has added lace. you can buy this for £25 from topshop.

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rose print crop top from new look, £14
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i adore the colours of this floral crop top. £10 from newlook
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another gorgeous floral crop top, £12 from newlook
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such a gorgeous print, £16 from newlook
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£12 from newlook
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i think this one and the first crop top are my favourites, this one is £14 from new look.

what do you think of the floral crop top trend?
or just floral prints in general?
do you have a floral crop top, how do you wear it?

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Unknown said...

Great selection of floral tops! I don't own a floral crop top, but I do have some floral prints that I own and adore!

By the way, I so think you could be a model! :)

Couture Carrie said...

These are gorgeous! I love floral prints! The third one is my fave :)

Fabulous post, darling!


Katrina said...

earlyer this year i was such a big fan of your blog, but somehow i forgotted it, so it'll be my pleasure to exchange link, because i simply ADORE/LOVE/RESPECT your blog!!!
great great great gorgeous!!


erika sorocco said...

I absolutely love the first one. I don't have a floral crop top, but I have a floral tank that is drapey and basically my favorite item of clothing. It looks amazing with dark wash skinny jeans and cognac riding boots! :)

patryszja said...

i love floral prints so want to have all of them so bad!

jessica rose said...

i haaave one quite like the last one but in the purpley print of the 3rd onee, i absolutely love it !
i've worn it with jeggings and flats, but it also looks nice with a long white vest top underneath and a blazer/long cardi :)

Anonymous said...

those tops are really cute x3

Kelly said...

i really like floral print! might have to try something like these...although i'm not sure i could pull it off...

i'll just have to see! cute finds :)

daisychain said...

I love the new look one!

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Thanks, darling ~ found it (duh)!


Gall said...

i personally look terrible in crop tops but love love love all the floral prints. i just purchased an amazing floral print skirt from urban yesterday. i'll be sure to post pictures so you can see. xo loves the post, stop by sometime @

have a brilliant day becca!

Blicious said...

LOVE the floral crop tops! OMG must have! <3


Jess said...

Crop tops are so IT right now. These look so flirty and fun :)

stilettolover91 said...

Floral tops are adorable, all those you picked would look fabulous on you!!

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

Yes I agree, 1st and last are the nicest. I love florals. And sadly im only 5'6 with short legs so the creeps are unlikely to be a good look for me x

Anonymous said...

I really like them. The first one is my favorite :)


Seda said...

I love floral prints. I saw some great tops at ZARA. I'm thinking about getting them :)

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

I'm personally not a fan of floral prints...reminds me of clothes my mom used to force me to wear lol!

jane st. clair said...

i love these too! i'm really into florals right now. i found your blog via one of my new followers (you left a comment on her page). it's great!

Anonymous said...

I love the floral crop top look. So summery, so fresh. x

Anonymous said...

love love LOVEEE the floral top
gorgeous in every way
thanks for sharing the inspiration

check out my blog @

C A said...

There area lot of cute tops in flowers, but not these. Please dont wear it ;)

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Annie said...

great selection!
i love the last one!
i'm going to try make one some day!
a day that i am a professional sewer and designer!

love annie, xx

michelle_ said...

my favorites are the last and d 2nd last one..
im not too much of a fan of the cropped trend because i have a flabby tummy and dont dare to wear midriffs.haha. but i do like seeing them on god-bod girls . They are sweetly edgy..
I'd wear these with distressed denims and ankle's very rock n roll romantic

HiFashion said...

I love these. They look so cute.

Clara Campelo said...

omg! I love the first image.
I love flowers. and these shirts are great!

bibi said...

floral prints are gorgeous:))

Blog de la Vogue said...

thank you so much for your comment i would be very happy if you would follow me :) now i'm gonna follow you :) i love your blog,too xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Floral tops are such a necessity to have! love the last one!

p.s you have another follower!

Miss Neira

OMR said...

I love the floral print dress in the collage !

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