Wanna Find Real Stuart Weitzman? Here's How to Tell If Its Faux or the Real Deal

Friday, September 08, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Spotting Fake Shoes by Stuart Weitzman + Why is Everything so Expensive?

Various celebrities showing off the Nudist Sandal by Stuart Weitzman. Main Image Courtesy of Glamour

Who Founded Stuart Weitzman?

Known for his exquisite designs and the use of rare materials, Stuart Weitzman is an internationally renowned shoe designer. Stuart first got into the shoe making world while studying at the Wharton School, where he worked at his father's shoe factory during this time in Massachusetts. Following graduation, Stuart and his brother actually began to manage the company.

Stuart eventually started his own business in 1986 under the name "Stuart Weitzman." Apart from designing shoes for A-list individuals, such as celebrities, Oscar red carpet attendees, and others, he is known for crafting some of the world's most expensive footwear.

Stuart Weitzman shoes can be found in various countries all across the globe, which include China, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Through their factories, the brand is able to create high-quality products using the finest materials. It's a global operation that focuses on luxury and quality.

Tips to Spot Counterfeit Stuart Weitzman Products According to the Company Website

Retail outlets and online retailers of the renowned brand Stuart Weitzman carry the authentic products of the company, which can be found at the company's websites or in authorized stores. Among the retailers authorized to sell Stuart Weitzman include Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and of course Shopbop. 

To avoid getting duped by fake or unauthorized distributors, the company refuses to answer questions about its products or confirm the authenticity of its suppliers. It also doesn't sell its products at flea markets or through street vendors.

Scam websites that claim to be authorized by the company use misspellings in the URL to refer to the actual word used by Stuart Weitzman. They can also copy and paste the company's overall and layout appearance. Some examples of websites that imitate the company's look include and

Even though an auction site claims that the item it is offering is authentic, counterfeit goods may still be available for purchase.

How Can You Spot Fake Shoes by Stuart Weitzman?

The brand is known for its distinctive sense of style. It's also believed that the company is a fashion maker, as every item they make is very versatile and unique.The genuine Stuart Weitzman boot will tell you that it is real. The box used for this product is made of sturdy cardboard, which makes it look very strong.

The box's color is blue, which can help determine counterfeit versions if the color is any different. The logo of the brand is located on the middle portion of the box, and the name Stuart Weitzman is written in silver on the inside.

The box contains a description note about the shoe, which provides information about its various features, such as its size, color, and bar code. The note is white, and it should be noted that the product's details are shown on the manufacturer's website. This cross-referencing provides helpful clues as to whether the item is real or not.

The silver dust bag that comes with the product has the brand's name and logo in golden letters, which is a big clue that the item is authentic. You should also open the box before buying it to ensure that it's authentic.

In addition to its name and logo, the shoe's insole features silver-colored fonts with the brand's logo on them. This means that the shoe's inner part is made by the company's factory.

If you notice a different color or font style than the one above, you are most likely dealing with a counterfeit pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. Image Courtesy of Shoes Mist

Although the seller can add the brand's logo on the sole, the font style and color combination can be changed. This change can help you determine if the item is real or not. It's important to keep in mind that the writing style is in silver capital letters.

The Stuart Weitzman boot features a luxurious leather sole. Its logo, which is located on the outside of the shoe, is drawn inside. The name Stuart Weitzman is written under it.

Under the name of the brand Stuart Weitzman, the manufacturing facility of the shoe is in Spain. The actual shoe has a style number that is also mentioned inside.

To ensure that the shoes are genuine, you should first check the website for the style number. If the same boot appears, then the product is authentic. But, if it doesn't show any signs of a boot, then it's a fake. The number is unique for each shoe, so if you're planning on purchasing them online, make sure that you do the right check.

How Can You Spot Fake High Heels by Stuart Weitzman?

If leopard print is your thing, you will truly fall in love with these comfortable mesh shoes that feature a stiletto heel and a leather sole with a rubber heel cap. Image Courtesy of Shopbop

As a renowned brand, Weitzman places a lot of emphasis on the small details, which are what will allow you to identify genuine Stuart Weitzman high heels.

The first step in identifying a genuine Stuart Weitzman shoe is the box. It should be a purple-colored box with the brand's logo in silver across the middle, and it should have a white label that shows the information about the shoe, including its size, color, and barcode.

Even an original box can still contain fakes, so it's important to double-check the authenticity of the products. The high heels you're purchasing should come with a protective dust bag. The materials used for the shoe are top-notch, and there's a Weitzman logo inside the bag.

The next step is to walk in the shoes and examine them a little bit more closely. The leather upper and the lining of the shoe will be clear, and the Stuart Weitzmann logo will be visible in the capital letters on the insole.

The inside of the shoe has a Style number, which should match the white label on the box.

The high heels that are made by Stuart Weitzman feature a leather sole. The company's logo and a Made in Spain sign are also visible on the sole. It has a near-perfect finish and is written in capital letters.

Before you buy a pair of shoes, make sure that the overall finish is top-notch. It's also important to note that the materials used for the construction should be top-quality.

Can I Repair my Stuart Weitzman Shoes?

Depending on the issue that you are experiencing with your Stuart Weitzman shoes, there are various options for repairing them.

If you're experiencing a simple issue like a loose heel, then you can try to take your shoes to a shoe repair shop. They will be able to diagnose and fix the issue.

If the issue persists and you require more extensive repairs, it might be advisable to return your footwear to the manufacturer. For more serious problems, such as structural issues and worn soles, Stuart Weitzman offers a service that can be utilized to address these issues. For more information about this program and how to avail of its services, please contact the company directly.

You can also try to fix the issue at home using a needle and thread. For instance, you can use glue or a patch to fix a loose heel, or you can reattach a damaged part of the shoe. However, this method may not be as professional as the services that the manufacturer or cobbler provides.

The luxury and craftsmanship of Stuart Weitzman's shoes are known to be impeccable. But due to the nature of the leather, it can develop slight variations, and there may also be natural creases and markings. To keep yours looking their best, avoid exposure to heat and humidity and use a soft cloth to clean them gently. For more extensive cleaning, it's recommended to hire a professional.

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Why is Stuart Weitzman So Expensive?

Apart from being a renowned shoe designer, Weitzman also came up with innovative marketing strategies. One of his most famous creations is the "Million Dollar Shoes," which are custom-made shoes that are designed to be worn by an Oscar nominee. They are made out of various materials such as cork, gold, Lucite, and vinyl.

The company's women's shoes are made from high-quality materials that are designed to provide the best possible comfort and practicality. Their formal shoes, on the other hand, are made with intricate details that will make a lasting impression.

Besides shoes, Stuart Weitzman also offers various accessories such as jewelry and bags. His company's signature shoes are known for their luxurious embellishments. The company's latest release is the Sneaker Edit, which is a simple and refined take on the classic sneaker.

The company's embellished sandals are perfect for adding a little bit of sparkle to your daily life. The company's craftsmen in Spain hand-applied various jewels, pearls, and studs to the shoes. These are the kind of shoes that everyone desires, but not every brand has.

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