Indulge Yourself: Here's How To Do It

Sunday, February 28, 2021

When you spend all day long battling traffic in your commute to work, or you've been stuck in meetings all day, you are going to feel the stress of the day on your shoulders. It's not always easy or practical to plan a weekend spa or go on a vacation, but that doesn't mean that you can't be a little indulgent to destress from time to time. Understanding exactly how you can indulge yourself a little more in your day to day life is going to make a big difference to those stress levels of yours.

The thing is, not everyone has the luxury of spending the money or time on long vacations or splurging on the latest designer gear. In fact, most people only have the luxury of those small indulgences, from skincare products on this website to a soak in the tub from time to time. These little things can make all the difference to the way in which you live, and so we have some of the most exciting ways that you can indulge yourself for a change! Let's take a look:

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1. Exercise. Sure, after a long day, the last thing that you want to do is workout and stress your body more. In fact, you're more than likely more interested in flopping down onto the sofa and relaxing. However, exercise can make a huge difference to the way that you feel physically and mentally. Skipping your usual workout and trying something new could make a big difference. If you love being outside, go for a jog. If you love to meditate, try out some hot yoga or intensive pilates. Exercise can be very indulgent when you're trying to feel better on the inside and indulge yourself in endorphins and happy hormones.

2. Laugh! It sounds so simple, but laughing at something funny is going to give you such stress relief. Book tickets to see a comedy show or watch a DVD of your favourite stand-up comedian. Whatever it is that makes you laugh, switch it on the box and enjoy every moment! Giggling allows hormones of happiness to flood your body - so why not give that a go to make yourself happy?

3. Dance It Out. Switch on your favourite music, get up and move. You don't have to be anything but yourself here, and people won't be watching you. Dance the way that you want to dance and be wild with it. Let your brain release a little dopamine and let the melody stir you. There's no wrong tune, here. You can enjoy the music exactly you want and feel fantastic as a result.

4. Create A Safe Area. From the squashy chairs to your favourite books, create an area that allows you to sit back and just be in the silence. This can make a huge difference to the way your body and brain feels. Taking yourself into a space that gives you a chance to relax and destress will allow you to feel calm and happier as a result.

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