My Favourite Make-up Products Right Now

Thursday, March 21, 2019

It feels like a lifetime since I regularly blogged and it’s something I’ve had more of an urge to do lately! So be prepared for more blog posts coming your way… starting with my favourite make-up products right now! I love reading back posts like this to see how my favourite products do change over time. 

 The products in this post are all products which I have been using everyday without fail and products which I will 100% recommend to people I know and everyone reading this post (including you)!  So let's begin...

Here’s a fun but not really a fun fact for you, this is actually my second one of these palettes as the first one I completely hit pan on! Can you believe it?! I have genuinely never found an eye shadow palette quite like it, as every colour is one I’d wear on a daily basis. 

The palette has a mixture of satin, matte and metallic shades, which are all highly pigmented. If I had to pick a favourite shade it would definitely be ‘Solstice’ as it’s a shade I wear pretty much daily! This palette is only £29 too and if you’re a nude eye shadow fan, you’ll love this.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer - £25 from ASOS

I’ve not really tried many products from Too Faced but the products I have tried, I’ve really liked and this bronzer is one of them. After reading numerous reviews and seeing so many ‘beauty’ YouTube stars rave about this bronzer I decided to jump onto the hype! I have had this bronzer around 6 months (or slightly longer) and it’s still not hit pan despite using this nearly everyday! The sign of a good lasting product? I think so.  

I never really understood the hype with NARS foundation but now I totally do. I have tried the NARS Natural Radiant Foundation and didn’t get on with it so I was reluctant to try another but this foundation is SERIOUSLY dreamy. Stromboli is the ideal shade for my skin and works like a treat as it applies very naturally. One thing I have noticed is that when I wear this foundation I get a lot more comments on my skin and I suppose that’s a good thing right?

A product that I’ve not seen raved about a lot online is this concealer from Smashbox. You can use this to conceal, correct and highlight, as it’s such a creamy and pigmented formula. This conceal really helps conceal dark circles (and I mean conceal dark circles) as well as redness without caking or settling on the skin. This concealer is also dermatologist tested and is cruelty free and vegan. Amazing right?

 NARS Climax Mascara - £21 from ASOS

One thing I’ve always wondered is can mascara really make that much difference? Yes it definitely can! This mascara adds so much volume to your ashes without clumping or smudging. What I like the most about this mascara is that it lengthens without looking like fake lashes.

Fenty Beauty Killawat Highlighter - £28 from Harvey Nichols 

Every single product from Fenty Beauty that I’ve tried, I’ve loved and this highlighter is no different. I absolutely LOVE THIS. It’s so wearable no matter what make-up look you are going for. My favourite is the ‘fire crystal’ shade, which is a gorgeous champagne shimmer. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite make-up products at the moment?
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Lisa Autumn said...

Oh the palette looks gorgeous!

x Lisa |

Shannon Michelle said...

I've been looking at purchasing a new bronzer and this one sounds perfect, I feel like it's such a classic in the beauty community x

Shannon |

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