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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

If you’ve followed me for a long time you’ll know I go a bit crazy when it comes to Huda Beauty products, as I am huge fan. So when the opportunity came up to work with one of my favourite websites of all time, CultBeauty and it was about Huda Beauty I was pretty much hyperventilating for about a week.

 This month Huda Beauty is Cult Beauty’s ‘Brand of the Month’, which means you can get free world wide shipping on all Huda Beauty products, as well as other special offers which you will NOT want to miss out on. Especially if you’re a die-hard Huda Beauty fan like myself!
In this post I’m going to be sharing my Top 5 picks from Huda Beauty right now, whether you’re looking to spruce up your make-up bag for winter, looking for gift ideas or just looking for a reason to spoil yourself… I mean have you SEEN the new nude palette?!

 First up it’s this gorgeous liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Cheerleader’. Huda Beauty has made some of the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried and I was so excited to add another into my collection of Huda Beauty ‘nude’ lipsticks (told you it was an obsession!) This shade is a stunning deep red, which just screams winter. I love wearing a red lipstick in wintertime, this would make a great present for any lipstick lover, as well as a fab edition to your winter make-up bag.

 After reading so many mixed reviews about this foundation, I was a little undecided about it. However, around my birthday (July this year) I ventured into Selfridges and swatched a few shades on my hand and knew I had to try out. Fast forward to November, it’s now in my life and I flipping love it.

 It comes in 30 shades, which is amazing! (hopefully there is a shade to suit every skin tone) and it really does give a flawless coverage. The formula of this foundation is thick, but a little goes a long way. What’s great about this foundation is that it helps cover imperfections, spots, blemishes etc and does this flawlessly. I literally have no complaints what so ever. So if you know your shade for this, or purely just looking for a new foundation in your life, I would highly recommend this.

Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer in the shade 18N Granola - £23 from Cult Beauty

I used to think, when it comes to concealer that the most I’d ever spend of my own money on one would be about £10 but it turns out it’s VERY hard to find a good concealer within that price range. So, over the past 2-3 years I’ve dabbled in what feels like A LOT of concealers and so I like to think I am a good advisor when it comes to this topic. Having never tried out the ‘skin’ products from Huda Beauty until this post, I would have told you buy the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer or the YSL All Hours concealer but now there’s a new front runner in town.

This concealer is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for an all-round ‘overachieving’ (hence the name) concealer then I’d add this straight into your shopping basket. This concealer easily hides dark circles, spots, hyper pigmentation and redness. I don’t like to go overboard with this concealer as I find a little goes a long way. If you’re struggling with any of the above issues and you’re looking for a new concealer to try, you need to try this.  

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette - £25 from Cult Beauty*
 The first Huda Beauty product I ever tried was the warm brown obsessions palette. I picked the warm brown obsessions palette as the shades literally ‘spoke’ to me, lame right? I was unsure whether to buy a full-size Huda Beauty palette as they were £55 and so the ‘obsessions’ range was a great starting point.  So, if you’re looking for a more ‘budget friendly’ palette to the famous £55 palettes then you need to try out an ‘obsessions’ palette.

This palette is full of 9 mauve/rose toned shades, which are highly pigmented. This palette is great for being able to create ‘day time’ and ‘night time’ looks and it is literally SO GOOD FOR TRAVELLING. Need I say more? As you can see from the swatch photo, the colours are stunning too.  

If you follow me over on Twitter, you’ll have seen me tweet my excitement about this palette and I couldn’t wait for it to be released. I have to say, it took a lot not to swatch the palette immediately after it arriving in the post as it’s just so beautiful! But yes, onto the palette and the 18 stunning mauve, rose and purple toned shadows inside…   
(L-R Bare, Crave, Play, Fantasy, Love Bite and Spanked)
This palette from Huda Beauty has probably re-defined the importance of a good pink/purple eye shadow. As you can see from the swatch photo above, these shadows are incredibly pigmented (I wouldn’t expect any less) and there is a mixture of glitter, shimmer, matte and even cream shades. From this top row, the shades which stick out to me the most, Crave and Fantasy are stunning shimmer shades which would be perfect for both daytime and night time looks.
 (L-R Lace, Daydream, Tickle, Excite, Infatuated and Kinky) 
Next up, it’s a mixture of rose/mauve shades as well as some seriously pigmented glitter shades. The two shades that really struck out to me in this palette were Excite and Infatuated and I just can’t wait to wear these shades over the Christmas period. The last shade on the row, Kinky, is a great metallic shade which would look amazing for day time and night time looks as well.
(L-R Concealed, Secret, Tease, Raw, Charmed, Teddy)
Lastly, it’s the more ‘neutral’ row of shades. I think these shades are perfect for everyday wear but also for if you want to create a more ‘natural’ but ‘glamorous’ look for a night out. So those are my top 5 picks from Huda Beauty, have any of these products caught your eye? With Christmas on the way, are you adding any products to your Christmas list?


*This post is in collaboration with Cult Beauty but all thoughts, views and opinions are my own*
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Hi Becca!
Such stunning makeup picks from Huda Beauty! The Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette looks like a great choice for affordability but of course, The New Nudes palette has totally captured my heart too! I can see why you love this brand so much - it really has a lot of good stuff to offer! The shades, textures and pigmentation are all bang on trend too.
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