Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette Review

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette - £56 from Cult Beauty
When Huda Beauty launched I didn’t know who Huda was but that soon changed. I became fixated on her YouTube channel, reading her blog but also her Instagram. How can someone look so perfect 24/7?! At first when I saw her eye shadow palette (this one) I thought it was VERY expensive and vowed never to spend that much money on an eye shadow palette and soon after the ‘mini’ obsession palettes launched and I had the urge to pick up the Warm Brown Obsessions Palette and then the Huda Beauty obsession REALLY began.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette - £56 from Cult Beauty
So after trying and testing the Warm Brown Obsessions palette for a few months, I branched out when I was in Spain back in April and picked up the matte liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Trendsetter’ which I love as well. Then… I saw the launch online of the Rose Gold Remastered Palette and I KNEW I had to have it in my life.

Firstly, what I like about this palette is that it’s a reformulation of the original palette she launched but Huda has used her customer’s feedback to make it EVEN better and boy is it worth it. I never bought the original palette but there was always something I wasn’t sure of when it came to picking it up and I’m glad I stuck with my gut, as this palette is SO worth it. This palette is made up of 18 gorgeous shades which are perfect for everyday wear but also to create evening looks too.
 (L-R Dubai, Fling, Trust Fund, Rose Gold, Pink Diamond, 24k)

My favourite colours on the top row of this palette are ‘Dubai’ (this shade looks insane as a Smokey eye look) and ‘Pink Diamond’ which looks So good if you’re going for a deep purple eye look as a shade just to sweep across your lids. What I love about the shimmer shades in this palette is that they are SO pigmented and easy to blend. 
 (L-R Risque, Doll Face, Demure, #Blessed, Moon Dust, Bubbly)

The last three colours on this row of the palette are definitely my favourite and they are #Blessed, Moon Dust, and Bubbly. Moon Dust is my favourite as it’s a gorgeous champagne shade which works so well as a brow or inner colour highlight or it works so well across the lids to ‘soften’ an eyeshadow look.  #Blessed works well as a transition shade and Bubbly is the sort of shade you’d use if you wanted to create a rosy pink eye look.
(L-R Black Truffle, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood)

The bottom row of eyeshadows in the palette are definitely a lot more ‘matte’ but who doesn’t love a matte eyeshadow? My favourite shades by far are Sandalwood, Henna and Coco as they are shades I reach for every day as I love a brown/golden eyeshadow look.

Overall, I would really recommend this palette (especially if you’re hesitant in buying it) as the pigmentation of the shadows is incredible and they really do last on your eyes ALL day, they even survive sweaty gym classes too! 
What do you think of this palette? you can pick it up from Cult Beauty here.


Jennifer_q85 @ Little Corner of Mine said...

I haven't splurged on the big palettes yet. I do have the Mauve Obsessions palette. I really should check out Huda's content.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

angelika eM said...

This palette have amazing colors <3 great photos honi xxxx

Lisa Autumn said...

Girl these tones are to die for! Unfortunately I rarely wear eyeshadow but I can't stop buying pretty palettes haha..

x Lisa |

Clare said...

these colours are so beautiful! i don't know if i can justify spending money on another palette though haha!

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