Beauty: 5 Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making and How To Fix Them

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Everyone has made a beauty mistake right? Over plucked eyebrows, wrong shade of foundation the list goes on (and on!)

I read an interesting article lately on my phone (I think it was on buzz feed or cosmopolitan or somewhere like that) about beauty mistakes and I thought I’d share so mistakes I’ve made and just general thoughts on ways to avoid those make up mishaps. So here it goes, 5 beauty mistakes you’re probably making…

1.     Trying to achieve that Instagram worthy brow
Every girl who’s probably reading this post has probably gone through that phase where you’ve over plucked your eyebrows. Bigger, bushier and thick eyebrows are the trend right now and your natural brow has never looked so good. About 6 months ago I was fixated on using gels to create the perfect brow but I’ve realised a brow pencil works for me so much better. To achieve my natural brows I use the L'Oreal Brow Artist Expert and my Pixi Brow Tamer. These products are well worth trying if you’re trying to achieve a more natural brow.

2.     Aiming for the glazed donut look
Everything looks better on Instagram right? I have lost times the amount of times I’ve looked at girls with amazing highlighter and thinking how can I achieve that? Well natural is better, as much as looking like a glazed donut is the dream I’ve made the mistake of putting TOO much highlighter on. For a more natural look I use a real techniques fan brush and lightly apply my TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter.

3. Trying To Glow Like J-Lo

When you’re so engrossed in the world of blogging it’s only normal (well I think it is) to care more about your appearance. Girls with amazing make-up always look really bronzed, put together look like they have that summer glow all year.

I used to cake on my Benefit Hoola but the toned down look works so much better and I love using the  Bare Minerals Invisible Bronzer in Tan and for a more budget option try the Barry M Deep Tan Bronzer with a large powder brush for a light coverage.

4. Not using the right eyeshadow brushes

 I spent so long not really knowing what to do when it comes to eye shadow and applying eye shadow and now I’m obsessed with applying it and one thing I have noticed is that a good eye shadow brush makes all the difference. I used to use any old brush and now I have a set routine of eye shadow brushes I reach for and it works so well when I’m applying my makeup.  If you want to read more about what brushes I use, you can check out this post.

5. Caking on the powder

When I was about 17/18 years old I discovered the Rimmel Translucent Powder and I used to seriously cake it on as I was convinced I had oily skin. After making that mistake and many more on the way I started to invest more in my skin and I remember a lady on the Liz Earle counter saying that I had normal/dry skin and it was like a revolutionary moment for me. Now I barely use powder and if I do I use such a small amount but what I opt for instead is a setting spray. I would recommend trying the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for when you want all day (and night) coverage and if you just want a coverage on a budget, I’d recommend the NYX dewy finish setting spray.

P.S If you're a make up lover, like myself and want to save a few pennies on your next beauty order, here is a link to 15% off on Feel Unique, thank me later!

What beauty mistakes have you made?

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Gatsbyandglamour said...

I always overuse bronzer. I have to remember that in Winter I am not a bronzed goddess!

Rachael xox

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