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Saturday, January 21, 2017

 Look Fantastic January Beauty Box* - £15 (including free postage!)

If there is a beauty box that I’m constantly surprised by it’s the Look Fantastic beauty box. It’s a beauty box that’s come a long way since I’ve been subscribed to it and I think the product choice and selection in each box has just got better and better. This months box includes products from Pixi, Briogeo, Trifle Cosmetics, Jelly Pong Pong, The Vintage Cosmetic Company and Nuxe.

 Also, who doesn’t love a beauty box that comes with reading material?! I love how each month it comes with a copy of Elle magazine as this magazine is the perfect size for reading on the go (or popping in your handbag!)

 Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow Liquid Luminizer

Highlighting products are absolutely everywhere right now and all for a good reason. I don’t leave the house without highlighter on so I was so excited to see a highlighting product in this months box. With this highlighter a little goes a long way and this works really well mixed into your foundation too.

Since working full time I find it harder and harder to schedule in that time for a pamper evening but I make sure I do this about once a week and the first thing I do is deep condition my hair. This has been in a box before (which is a little disappointing) but at the same time I loved this so I was glad to have a new one in my stash!

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Tweezers

Who doesn’t love a bit of rose gold? When it comes to picking out those stray hairs I always keep a pair of tweezers on me as my brows need to look on fleek!

Nuxe is a brand that regularly features in the Look Fantastic boxes and their products are always worth a try. This lotion tonique douce is a toner and it’s infused with rose petals and coconut to gently nourish your skin and shrink your pores without causing irritation.

Who doesn’t love curly lashes? I have been a real fan of mascara at the moment as it can really change a make-up look. This mascara gives you a lot of volume and length and the formula of this mascara is enriched with Moringa Seed Resin, which helps to keep your lashes looking luscious all day long.

Pixi is one of my all time favourite beauty brands and I have loved every Pixi product I’ve tried. This brow tamer helps your brows stay in place and this brow product even contains aloe vera, which will make sure your brows stay super moisturised too. This is my favourite product in this months box and it’s worth £12 alone so this beauty box is amazing value!

You can sign up to the Look Fantastic beauty box here from as little as £13 per month plus free postage!

What do you think of this months box?

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Lisa Autumn said...

I wanted to try the Pixi brow tamer for ageeeees and this little cute tester is perfect! :)

xx Lisa

Angelina said...

Oh, the packaging looks amazing! I love the pictures btw

Eloise said...

Loving the rose gold tweezers!

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