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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Have you ever felt not good enough? Well despite running a blog called ‘Fashion-Train’ I feel like I am having a little bit of a crisis, as I don’t enjoy posting fashion related content like I used to. When I first started blogging I would use my mum’s tripod and stand against a brick wall in the garden to pose for my outfit posts, who remembers these days?

Back in the day (well about a couple of years ago) this was the normal way to take photos of your outfits. You didn’t hire a photographer or go to Notting Hill and stand outside a pretty background, you made do with what you had.

2/3 years on, I’m still in that same position I’ve had to make do with the resources I have. I don’t have the latest fancy ‘it’ camera for bloggers; I have the same camera as I did 4 years ago. I think it’s important to stick to your routes within blogging and go with what you feel.

 It’s so easy to compare yourself to people with designer handbags or the jet set life style, but what is great about blogging is 9 times out of 10 the reader will read the blog for you, for your personality and opinions, not for you to keep up with the latest ‘must haves’.

 I used to love posting photos on Instagram of my outfits, but now I feel like I’ve transitioned into beauty blogging as I felt like I couldn’t keep up with fashion blogging (especially on Instagram!) 

(Me and the coat of my dreams)

I feel like there is an expectation in the fashion blogging world now which has become too unrealistic for me as I work full time, I don’t have a large list of people sending me press samples or vouchers or just the income to spend purely on clothes so I will blog the outfits I love when I feel like doing so. When I am passionate about my outfit that I find (somehow) the time to take photos in my weekly schedule. 

Yes my photos aren’t the best quality but at least you’ll know that every time you see an outfit post on this blog you will see an outfit I absolutely love (and wear at least two times a week as I love it that much) and you will know that I’ve made the best effort I can to try and create good content.

Do you feel the pressure to create the perfect outfit photos? To buy the latest camera and try and keep up with everyone else?

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toniatoons said...

Love your blogs Becca. Don't stop fashion updates, most of us out here are on a budget!

Anonymous said...

I completely get you on this. I don't feel like I could ever post anything fashion related on my blog because I don't have all the gear i.e. camera, photographer, beautiful surroundings, designer clothes and accessories. But I love seeing more down to earth posts like yours, I find them much more relatable so just keep doing what you're doing and what makes you happy <3

Rhi x

Unknown said...

I totally get you! I really do feel the pressure and even now although I have made changes and improved with equipment & photography it's like I have to be making sure I'm wearing the right brands, have the right dramatic shots, have the perfect insta theme etc. It is hard but I love what I do and I love my readers and I try the very best I can to give them what they want while staying within my means. I juat stay true to myself and the great thing is there's always someone who can relate to you and what stage you are at in life so no need to feel disheartened because our journies are all different! You definitely inspired me bec I remember asking you loads of questions when we worked together in republic. If it wasn't for you and those conversations I probably wouldn't have done it. Keep doing you! X

Jessie | said...

Love, love, LOVE this! We were talking on Twitter a little while ago about not having time to fit in blogs whilst working full time. I also have a small digital camera and usually take mirror selfies to put on Instagram as I don't have the time on resources to take outfit photos. I want to take so much more but can never get round to it! xx

Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

Gatsbyandglamour said...

Hi Becca,

I have followed your blog for a long time and I actually miss your outfit/payday wishlists. I think because everything was so affordable for me. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't own a pair of disco pants or have pushed myself out of my usual style. I also wouldn't have discovered Missguided, Daisy Street etc. as you introduced me to those.

I love your makeup tips & cosmetic posts but I don't think you are inadequate in fashion at all, I think you found your own niche!

Rachael xox

Sian Thomas said...

Yes, completely understand this! It's hard to keep up with the time and resources needed to stage amazing fashion photo shoots that all the fashion blogs seem to have nowadays. I've expressed similar feelings and followers have told me that they're still coming to my blog for the style of fashion photos I take because they're real outfits that haven't been styled or posed, and I'm going to say the same to you! I loved the style of photos you used to take against the brick wall and I still do :) Keep doing you!
Sian xx Rebel Angel

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