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Saturday, November 26, 2016

I think talking about sponsored blog posts has been a bit of a taboo in the blogging industry but I think it’s something, which does NEED to be spoken about. When I first started blogging (way back when I was mid teens) I never knew you could earn money from it, it wasn’t a career and blogging wasn’t it’s own industry like it is today.

I sometimes think that people don’t understand what blogging is like unless they are a blogger themselves. It takes a lot of time, effort, passion and hard work. First of all every post is a unique idea, ideas can come to you in the shower, driving your car or just out and about doing daily things and I will always keep a notepad and pen on me to jot down ideas.

I then try and figure out whether these ideas could be made into a blog post and then I pick out items/products which I need to photo. I then (if it’s a beauty post) get out my box of blog props and stage my photos on marble contact paper (this can take about half an hour/an hour). After taking the photos it’s then onto editing and that can take about an hour or so. Writing the post comes after that and then coding and making sure all the links within the post work. Then it’s onto social promotion and scheduling content and this can all take about 6-8 hours per post.

Now onto a sponsored post, these come as emails from brands, PR and third party agencies and when it’s a brand I love I am SUPER excited. When a company emails me that I truly love I feel appreciated and respected by them and that’s a reward in itself. It can take days (or weeks for a sponsored collab to come about) and that takes a lot of time in itself. 

Now onto the national living wage, it’s about £7.50 (I think) for someone under 25 and if you were working a normal day you’d be paid £60 for this many hours work. Why should you not trust a blogger if they were paid to create this content? If anything the blogger is more likely to like this product as they had spent x amount of hours creating the content.

If you’re a regular reader of a blog then you’ll know how hard that blogger works and when it comes to sponsored posts you shouldn’t treat them any different to a normal blog post. When I read any sponsored content I’m so proud of the blogger to be able to generate an income from a hobby/career they love so much.

So next time you see a sponsored post, like it, share it, support it, comment on it as for the blogger it’ll be content they’ve worked EVEN harder on as they want to impress the brand they love to. 
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Terri said...

Great read.. I totally agree, bloggers put in a lot of work and money into what they do but even now people disagree or laugh at blogging careers. I love reading sponsored posts just as much as normal posts, cause like you said, they're writing about something they love.

Much love,

Class and Glitter said...

Every single word in this post is THE TRUTH!

Love it!

Parie x
Class and Glitter

Wildfire Charm said...

Such a lovely post! Thanks for sharing. I agree, people need to stop looking down on sponsored posts and actually appreciate the effort that went into it. :)

Kathleen said...

I completely agree with everything you've said. So much work goes into sponsored post, which you wouldn't commit to if the product/brand was no good! Definitely needs to be more support around them, they're a great thing!

Kathleen | Made In The 1990s

Lisa Autumn said...

I loved this post a lot.. So true what you say. Sadly most people do not see how time and money consuming this all can be and just laugh about what we do!

I published my gift guide today.. maybe you want to take a look :)

xx Lisa

I am A Love Addict said...

Well said dear!!!
Can i ask you where do you find marble contact paper. I need that prop.

Unknown said...

Well said. I totally agree because I am a blogger myself and it takes a lot of hardwork and dedication!

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