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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Love Me Beauty October Edition*
If you had to pick a beauty box, which was the most inline with what I wear, use, etc. then without a doubt it would be the Love Me Beauty box. Each month I am so impressed with the variety of products available, how trendy the packaging is (just look at this makeup bag!) and how each month they collaborate with a different brand. This year’s brands have including Kat Von D, Eco Tools and now Benefit. If you’ve not heard of Love Me Beauty, it’s a monthly subscription service when you can sign up to one off boxes or 3 and 6-month subscriptions. Each month you will get 60 credits to spend online, but you can buy extra credits if you fancy treating yourself.

Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals - 10 credits 
Nuxe is a brand I’ve really grown to love over the past year and every product I’ve tried from the brand, I’ve liked. At the moment I’ve been using this exfoliating gel (and it smells amazing) about once a week to eliminate dead skin cells and help my skin stay soft and smooth. I’m really impressed with this and I’ll definitely be repurchasing after it’s run out.

This is my go-to hand cream at the moment and it currently sits on my desk at work. I find that during the day while I’m working my hands get so dry and so this hand cream has been an absolute treat. This hand and nail cream is non-greasy and is enriched with Honey, Sunflower, Precious oils and Vitamin E.

 Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse – 10 credits

When you’ve had a really long day, there is nothing I love more then taking my make-up off, cleansing my face and then moisturising. This is a moisturising, reviving cream and is an absolute dream on my dry skin. I feel like this works as a bit of an overnight treatment too and makes my skin feel seriously plump (and smooth) when I wake up.

 Nuxe Body Melting Body Scrub - 15 Credits

Who doesn’t love a body scrub? I find these are my guilty pleasure at the moment, especially when I’m having a little bit of a pamper evening. This scrub reminds me of the smell of fresh flowers and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers?! This exfoliant helps my skin stay moisturised and to stay soft.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Cleanser - 10 Credits
This cleanser is a soap-free, gentle cleanser, which is enriched with honey, and sunflower and it cleanses and removes your make-up all in one go, the dream right? The best way to use this is on damp skin and you rub it onto your face and I remove this with warm water and a cleansing cloth.

 Benefit Ready Set Brow Gel - 15 Credits
Do you love your brows? I think eyebrows are so important and they really do frame your face. One thing I love doing is getting my eyebrows shaped and I definitely feel like I’ve got my life on track when I’ve had my eyebrows done. So as you can see, I was ecstatic when this months Love Me Beauty edition featured ALL OF THE EYEBROW PRODUCTS. (Yes I was THAT excited) As much as I want to try all of the products in the new Benefit brow range it’s also very experience so with a beauty box like this is the best way to try them. When I’m on the go I love a brow gel and I’ve really noticed when I’ve been using this, the difference it gives my eyebrows. It makes them look a lot more full and defined. 

If you’re like me and you love your brows looking defined, this is the product for you. This eyebrow pencil makes filling your brows in so easy and last up to 12 hours (and it’s also waterproof!) you can create really natural and defined brows by just using this pencil with a light hand.

When it comes to buying a good mascara I feel like it’s like being in a committed relationship. I don’t like spending a lot of money on mascara and I’ve felt really disappointed with expensive mascaras in the past I’ve tried. Benefit mascaras aren’t cheap and not only is this mascara perfect for being on the go; it’s a perfect way to try it without the hefty price tag attached.

 Benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer - 15 Credits

I’ve absolutely loved using cream products lately and since this bronzer was released I’ve really wanted to try it out. I’m a big fan of the powder Hoola bronzer and so I was so excited to try this. I’ve been using this for when I want to create a more natural look and I like blending this in with a beauty blender once I’ve applied my foundation.

You can sign up to Love Me Beauty here from just £10 a month and you can get 20% you first box with the code 'BECCA20' which makes treating yourself this month EVEN MORE of a bargain.

What do you think of this months Love Me Beauty Edition? Have you tried any of these products?
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Shay said...

I just love these boxes! I definitely think love me beauty is the best one I have tried! x

Unknown said...

This box looks and sounds incredible! Probably one of the best beauty boxes I have seen!

EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

Unknown said...

This looks and sounds amazing! Probably the best subscription box I have seen.

EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

Gatsbyandglamour said...

I love the goof proof pencil!!

Rachael xox

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