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Saturday, October 01, 2016

This month has been a really busy month for me so I’m little bit behind on some blog posts, which I have, had planned. Due to working full-time now, I always arrive home too late to take photos as the light goes (nooooo!) so I can only take photos on a weekend and in the evenings now I don’t have the time to spend 4 hours writing and putting together a post. How I’m going to blog from now on is blog with less of a schedule and blog how I want to. So there won’t be as many posts but hopefully they’ll be even better content.

 Moving on… I took these photos about a week ago and I’ve been trying out this month’s Cohorted box for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. As usual, Cohorted really does not disappoint and the brands in this months box include Cargo, MAC, Percy and Reed and Kure.

MAC False Lashes Mascara - (sample size 3ml)

I absolutely LOVE mini mascara samples and I find them so handy to have. I literally have one in every handbag, make up bag and even in my car as I have a habit of leaving the house and forgetting to put my mascara on… I’ve used this mascara a couple of times now and I’m really impressed with it. I think this mascara works so well for when you want more lengthened lashes.

Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo and Wonder Overnight Recovery - (£12 & £18)

I’ve been a huge fan of Percy and Reed products for so long now and I think I only discovered the brand due to my magazine buying addiction and my subscriptions to beauty boxes. What I love about Percy and Reed products is they smell SO good and work so well. I’ve used this dry shampoo so much lately to give my hair some volume (and eliminate my oily roots) and it works so much better for me in comparison to other leading dry shampoo brands.

The wonder overnight recovery is a newer edition to the Percy and Reed product range and promises to transform your hair while you’re catching up on your beauty sleep.

  Kure Bazaar in French Rose – (£15)

Baby pink nail polish is a massive trend at the moment and I think it’s a shade that looks good on anybody. The only thing I’d say about this shade is that it comes across as super light and so you have to layer it up a few times for it to become a more pigmented nail polishes.

Cargo Land Down Under Palette - £35

In the world of beauty blogging, Cargo is a brand, which is seriously underrated. I remember when I first discovered Cargo in my local TK Maxx and all the products from Cargo I’ve tried I’ve loved. I have a few of the eye shadow palettes and this is the latest edition to my collection.

What I really love about this palette is how varied the colours are. I have used the lighter shades to create daytime looks and I’ve been so impressed with how pigmented the colours are. This palette alone is worth £35 so it makes this beauty box more than your moneys worth.

You can sign up to Cohorted Beauty Boxes from just £35 a month here.

What do you think of this months box? Have you tried any of these products?
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Jessie | said...

Wow! Such a fab set of goodies :) I really love the look of that Cargo palette. I've not heard of the brand before but the shades look so pigmented and bright! xx

Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

Unknown said...

I really want to try a MAC Mascara, You never really see them mentioned much in the blogging world but I am very tempted to try one.

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