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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Now I’m not the best at saving but right now I think a post like this will apply to so many of you reading this (as well as myself!) I’m starting to really use some of these tips as you have to spend money to get by in life but you can also save yourself a few £’s when doing so. In the next year (or few years) I want to have my own car, rent or have mortgage and really get everything together. So when you’re next picking up yourself a treat or a loved one a present here’s a few tips which you could save a few £’s along the way (whilst also having all the make-up)

1.     Always have a loyalty card
You’ll be surprised how quickly points on loyalty cards can add up, just from scanning my Boots card when picking up make-up, toiletries and hair care products every little helps. Every time you shop at Boots you get 4 points for every £1 you spend and they regularly have bonus points events, special offers on their mobile app and you get points vouchers through the post. I remember when I challenged myself to not spending any of my Boots points for about a year and I had about £25 on there and when you’re having a bad day that £25 worth of points came in very handy.

2. Sign up to a cash back website
I have only just started getting into using sites like this myself but I was speaking to a girl at work about them and she has saved hundreds of pounds through cash back sites.  We all love an online spend right? With a cash back site such as Quidco you can save on average between 5-10% on your purchases every time you shop. I’ve only used it once I think so far but I have about £2 back from about a £20 spend at New Look and every little helps right?! All you have to do is go online to the cash back site first and click through to purchase your shopping that way to earn the cash back. 
3. Keep your receipts
When you’re picking up your new foundation at Boots or when you’re out shopping there are always so many offers which come through when you get a receipt including the Boots No.7 vouchers and also when you’re in Superdrug you sometimes get double points vouchers too. 
4. Make the most of offers & beauty newsletters
When shopping for make-up I find it so handy to be signed up to beauty newsletters (a blessing and a curse) and there are always offers dropping in my inbox on a daily basis. Look Fantastic always have amazing offers, Superdrug have some really impressive beauty offers too and not forgetting Feel Unique. I remember when looking online for a new Estee Lauder Night Repair and Estee Lauder foundation without an offer/discount code it would have been about £80 together and through beauty newsletters offering discount codes I got this down to about £68 ish which is a huge saving.
5. Sign up to a Beauty Box
Another way to possibly save a lot of money on make-up shopping is by subscribed to a beauty box. I am a huge fan of so many different beauty box brands and I find them such a great way of trying out products but also to discover new favourites too. I love them for their mini skincare products, make-up and hair care products. What is also great about beauty boxes is you can try out the smaller version first and you are able to stop yourself from wasting money on full size products, which you may not end up liking! One of my favourite beauty boxes is Love Me Beauty as can pick what arrives each month and they always have so many AMAZING products in the boutique. Including Kat Von D, which arrives this month. You can also get 20% off your first order with the code ‘BECCA20’.
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Unknown said...

I always forget receipts usually include really good offers! I need to start keeping some of them. Your blog photography is so nice can you tell me what you use for the marble flatlay??

Tia |

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this post. Great advice here. I don't spend ANY of my Boots points unless it is an emergency. I tend to wait to shop at Boots until they have a Triple points weekend, the amount of points you can get is mad. It works like you save 10% on your purchases. Also, if you download their app they have exclusive promos - like 100 extra points OR SAVE £1 on toothpaste, things like that.



Unknown said...

I used to find it so hard to save money but now I am really good at it. Every time I shop online I always look to see if I can find any discount codes and most of the time I do! I love Boots, especially for the points and vouchers you get.

EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | ColourPop GIVEAWAY

Lisa said...

Loved this post!

Leigh Brady said...

Boots points are always the best to save up, especially when you really need something and don't want to spend the cash! x


Around Colours said...

Amazing tips! Really helpful. I have another one that I use all the time. There's an extension for Google Chrome called CouponMate that everytime you go to a shopping website it shows coupon codes you can use. I've saved a lot just from that! :)

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