Lifestyle: 10 Friends Quotes That Will Never Stop Being Funny

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Whenever I put together a Friends related post here on my blog they always go down so well. I haven't actually posted anything to do with Friends in about 9/10 months now and so when I was on a Friends watching binge (and taking blog photos) I had this idea for a blog post and hopefully you'll all love it. So here is 10 Friends quotes that will never stop being funny!
1. The one where Ross buys a sofa and him and Chandler and can't get it up the stairs.
2. When Joey was a contestant on the TV show pyramid.
3. When Ross had the tanning incident.
4. When Ross didn't read the 18 page later that Rachel wrote to him.
5. When Joey tried to learn French.
6. When Ross tried to scare Phoebe and Rachel about unagi by scaring them.
7. When Joey put on all of Chandler's clothes to irritate him.
8. When Phoebe attended a charity event and drank all of the alcohol.
9. The one where everybody thought they knew everything about Monica and Chandler.
10. When everyone watched the prom video.
I hope that this post put a smile on your face and made you want to watching an episode of Friends!
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Luxrose said...

Ah anything to do with Friends always puts a smile on my face, I laughed out loud! I love the Unagi episode and when Ross get's a spray tan... 'IM AN EIGHT?!?!'

Unknown said...

Loved this post! I miss friends I used to watch it everyday. I loved the "Pivot" scene - the best!
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